Aunty Acid

Aunty Acid's Odd One Out: A New Year's Resolution Brainteaser!

Hey gang, we are two weeks into 2021, but to me, it just feels like 2020 v.2.0.

I've started my new exercise regime anyway, it's called 'full of spirit diet,' I do a workout then drink some spirits...easy peasy!

You can see me in action below, but I don't know if I've drunk too much vodka because one is different from the others.

Can you figure out which is the odd one out?

Aunty Acid

I'll give you ten minutes okay?

Think you've cracked it? Let me know which one it is below!

I hope you have a wonderful year, and that it's filled with love and light and no stupid freakin' people!

All my love,

Aunty Acid.

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