11+ Easy Fixes For When Things Break Around The Home

We all love living in our houses. Am I right? But sometimes, things break or start to look past their prime. When that happens, surely there must be something you can do about it.

As it turns out, there are actual products out there that will help you keep all the stuff in your home looking like-new again. Don't just take my word for it — check it out.

1. Stainless Steel Polish

If you noticed that your stainless steel appliances are looking a little bit dull, don't worry. It's nothing that a good polish and cleaner won't fix. Look what kind of difference it makes here in these before-and-after pictures.

2. Fur Removal Broom

Ever since our cat, Mayu, started coming around our house, we have gotten so much more hair on our carpet. Until now, it was such a pain to get rid of it. I wish I had learned about this broom much sooner.

3. Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets

If you're lucky to have a dishwasher, that's good for you. I'm still washing my dishes by hand. However, as with any machine of this type, you've got to look out for calcium buildup. Get yourself good cleaning tablets, and you're good to go.

4. Professional Fume-Free Oven Cleaner

I've got to admit, I'm not the best at keeping my oven clean. I mean, who's got the time? Am I right? So sadly, I might need to resort to getting a professional-strength, fume-free, oven cleaner.

5. Shoe Fix

This person had a dilemma. They loved their flip-flops but hated the peeling leather. So they applied some cork to the whole surface, and voilà! A brand new pair of flip-flops was born. How cool is this easy fix?

6. Broken Makeup Fix

If you ever found yourself in this situation with a broken makeup powder, you'll love this simple solution. Finely break it up, then add a little rubbing alcohol and mix. Blot off extra liquid and flatten it out. When it dries, it will be as good as new!

7. Keyboard Adjustment

Are you having trouble typing on your keyboard because it's too low for you? You can easily attach some binder clips to adjust it to your liking. It also fixes the problem of broken springs. How cool is that?

8. Bed Sheet Hack

Who here dislikes loose fitted sheets on their bed? Raise your hand. I do, I do. This lady showed us a very easy way to fix this problem. Just tie them with a rubber hair tie, and voilà!

9. Loose Doorknob Fix

Isn't it irritating when you have a loose doorknob that keeps rattling? I can't stand it when that happens. Who knew you could wedge a screwdriver inside the mechanism to bend the plate so it won't rattle anymore? Not me.

10. Electrical Outlet Box Hole Fix

Oh my goodness, whoever heard of this handy hack? These folks needed to get rid of some electrical outlets, but they left holes in the wall. So they used insulating foam sealant to fill them up before painting them.

11. Garbage Disposal Fix

Is your garbage disposal not working very well anymore or has a foul smell? No worries. It probably needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Use a foaming drain/pipe cleaner, and it should work like new afterward. Try it.

12. An Easy Broken Zipper Fix

Have you ever had a broken zipper on your favorite piece of clothing? No need to retire that item after all. I had no idea you can easily fix it using a straw. Wow, this is awesome.

13. Scuffed Walls Fix

If you live with kids who always scuff your walls listen up. I've got a great solution for you that won't cost a pretty penny. You can get this touch-up fill pen to fix all those problem areas. That's so handy!

I hope I've given you a few new ideas on how to fix things around the house.

I've never heard of that loose door fix, or even that pen that repairs scuffed walls. How awesome are they? Would you use any of these?