14+ Times It Was Too Late To Fix Our Mistakes

Mistakes are one of the things that help us to grow as individuals, and more often than not they are easily fixable. However, sometimes they aren't such easy fix.

From unfathomably terrible tattoo mistakes to inadvertently desecrated burial grounds, here are 14+ times it was too late to fix our mistakes.

"Life the live you love guys!"

I have tried to read this out loud to myself a few times now and I just keep getting a nosebleed, weird.

"A 4th graders answer to where or when would you go if you could time travel back in time?"

This kid really has a future...and it is going to stay in the future that's for sure, as it is meant to be!

"My wife after a 13 hour nursing shift in the Covid Unit."

I get furious if I cannot get into a bottle of wine no matter how calm of a day I have had, so I cannot imagine how insanely I would have attacked that bottle in this woman's position!

"Girl I know posted this on Facebook. The line-work is giving me a headache."

And that is one hell of an uncomfortable placement as well. I bet they regret this decision!

"Roommate didn't pay rent for a month and left our house. Found this resume in a box of old crap he left."

Either this kid was going for a high-risk strategy of trying to make their prospective employer laugh, or they are just a donut...I know which one I am leaning towards.

"Someone posted the new door he had made for his house. All I know is that doorknob would drive me nuts!"

I've never thought about centralised doorknobs, but now I feel like I will wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it.

"After I swapped all the photos TJ Maxx took them all down and mailed them back to me with my last pay stub."

But, how on Earth did they manage to figure out that he was the one behind this prank? Oh, wait...

"I just wanted to use the restroom..."

I mean, you can still use the restroom, it is just a little bit exposed! You'd have an interesting job trying to get a door to fit that as well!

"Mom just set these down with permanent glue... She thinks it looks great!"

Oh Christ alive, it is so close to being not awful! Actually, the more I look at it the worse it gets!

"How they fixed the pavement near my house..."

I am assuming that this was not actually a professional job and was just a neighbor who got sick of it...surely?!

"A power line laid straight trough the skull of a woman buried in an undiscovered 6th Century cemetery."

I never knew they had power lines in the 6th Century, let alone the fact that they were using them as weapons! History is proper mad sometimes!

"Hit yourself you will!"

Well, I might be as thin as Paper Mario and get out of breath whenever I climb a flight of stairs but at least I can...wait, I've lost the thread of where I was going with that.

"When you think you're useless just look at this photo."

That drain is trying its hardest damn it, life is hard sometimes okay! I feel a lot like this drain when I...well, all the time pretty much at the moment!

"Is this your friendly neighborhood spider-man?"

"Doctor, every time I suck Spiderman's webbing out of his wrist I get a pain in my eyes!"

"I...I didn't go to medical school for seven years for this."

"Happy" Anniversary!

I bet that a chocolate rose bud seemed like a great theory. Now it looks like a dog has defecated on a slug.

"A little late but this decoration at Chic-fil-A was accidentally pretty dark. It was swinging ever so slowly..."

"Mom, why is that gingerbread man killing himself?"

"No silly, he's not killing himself!"

"Really mommy?"

"Of course! He's being hanged for treason against the gingerbread crown of course! A cruel death for an enemy of the crown is natural you silly billy!"


"Olaf had too much snow!"

I think that this was a part of Disney's Don't Do Drugs Kids range. Other titles included Re-hab Ralph and The Skag In the Stone.

"Can't stop thinking about this sink."

"We like to call this design the Inadvertent Toe Stubber!"

"And why do you call... Argh, Jesus Christ!"

"That's why."

"Fixed the A/C boss!"

Kind of hard to pinpoint at what exact point this all went completely wrong here! It looks more like a rejected Star Wars model than an A/C unit!

"Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking it's size. We now have two 10 foot lamps."

Wow, and he is so confidently rocking the sweat pants tucked into white socks and flip flops, which is a bold look!