Pink Claps Back After Fans Tell Her To Keep Her Opinions To Herself: 'Kiss My A**'

Hi. Hello. Have you met total badass and musical hero Pink? She is kind of known for not caring what anyone else thinks. Her strong girl power message is what has made her so popular for over two DECADES!

Now, Pink is clapping back at fans who are telling her to keep her opinions to herself.

Celebrities are always going to be under the watchful eye of the press and the public.

People want to know what they're doing, what they think (even when they don't agree).

People say they don't care, but the truth is, we all love to watch the drama unfold. This definitely includes Pink.

Pink is known for many things. Amazing, powerful ballads.

Stunning acrobatic abilities, and also — not giving a CRAP about what anyone thinks.

She has never cared, and she never will. She is just too powerful and doesn't have the time.

The 41-year-old has been especially candid about her political opinions these past few months.

Recently, she took to social media to express her disappointment and anger toward the Capitol Hill riots.

Which, in case you didn't already know this, will basically be going down in history.

If, for some reason you didn't know what was going on, recently, Capitol Hill was stormed by rioters.

The last time the building was breached was all the way back in 1814.

So obviously, this is something that shook Americans to their cores, whether they were politicians, celebrities, or civilians.

Naturally, people expressed their thoughts about what happened, it wasn't just Pink.

Celebrities, politicians, TV show hosts, and people all over the world took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to talk about the videos and images they had seen as a result of the riots.

And while everyone had an opinion, not everyone went viral.

But Pink did, as her tweet was definitely amongst some of the most colorful tweets that came as a result of the riots.

She was not shy about expressing her thoughts (which is why people love her).

The music legend retweeted and wrote a series of tweets explaining her disgust with Donald Trump and his supporters.

"[Expletive] you, Donald Trump," she tweeted.

According to Yahoo! one fan replied, "I’d tone back your responses a bit Pink! Remember a lot of these Trump supporters are Pink supporters," @dorimeadows wrote.

"Use your platform for the good& not to continue to spew your disgust for Trump. Push for solutions. You & Carey have a huge following. Use it. Unity. Peace. Love."

Naturally, this did not go over well with Pink, who took to Twitter to clap back at the criticism.

"I do have a platform. I use it for good. And I will never sit down and shut up because my ass kicking Air Force veteran badass superhero of a father taught this little badass that her voice matters. I’ve checked all my career boxes, And I’ve been standing up to bullies all my life," she wrote.

She concluded her defense with the most Pink line ever.

"So, kindly, kiss my entire ass. (With love and light of course)" she concluded.

Honestly, I raise my glass to you, Pink!

And honestly, for the most part, people PRAISED her for her tweet.

They were absolutely obsessed with the fact that she would not bend to anyone or anything!!

And let's be honest, did we expect anything less from this absolute queen? The answer is: no.

But now, we want to hear from you, the people.

What do you think of people's comments and her clapback? Do you think she should have been nicer, or do you think what she said was justified?

Either way, let us know down below in the comment section! We would love to hear from you!