16+ Weird Ways People Tried To Get Our Attention

This world is full of people vying for the attention of others! And, in this ever louder landscape, this means that some people have to get...well, a little weird with it.

From impossibly dangerous and confusing cars made in Jesus' name to unusual meal deals, here are 15+ weird ways people tried to get our attention!

Is Your Life Upside Down...?

There is surely no way that this can be road-legal? Also, why did they have to use Comic Sans? I mean, I know there is a lot more going wrong here but that's still a valid question I feel!

Wow, That Was A...Choice!

Quite a claim to say that you have the left hand of Jesus! Also, they need to be wary of what they do with that hand going forward. You can't be slamming tequilas with Jesus feeding you them for instance!

"These Recycling Trucks in Reading, UK..."

I wonder what other recycling-related puns they were able to come up with, or if it was just these two fantastic names that they managed to think of?

"Best fake ID ever!"

The weight being measured in coconuts was my favorite part. I wish that all weights were done in coconuts, it would really add a much-needed dose of humor to being weighed.


This is the mashup that everyone has been waiting for! I cannot think of a more perfect example of something that is awful taste but perfect execution!

"Your eggs, where do they come from? Is cheese really mold? Crap, this could be an expensive breakfast!"

Christ, I wish that they would implement this policy across all restaurants and cafes, it would really have made my time as a barista much more profitable!

"This kid roasted his entire school. He's ready for the real world."

Call me crazy, but I bet that Ethan was super popular in school. And, if he wasn't, then he will be now.

"It's to pay for college..."

"Dude, can you stop throwing singles at me, I'm trying to get your internet back on."

"Woooo! Yeah!"

"Urinating Dachshund Building Decor."

"Hey, where do you want to meet?"

"In the puddle of piss?"

"Perfect! See you there!"

There's A Foot In My Snake!

"What can I get you to eat Sir?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure yet. But, do you have any mice? My shoes are getting peckish...and boy, you really don't want them getting angry!"

"Snow devil!"

I can just imagine a mob from the local home owner's association frothing at the mouth at the idea of this being temporarily erected in their neighborhood.

"Walking around and saw this terrifying hedge."

Well, that is sure to terrify the local kids. I think that this is actually much more unsettling than the snow devil! It's the dead-eyed stare.

"Wearing a steel helmet, a bulldog guards a London flat, circa 1940."

Well, that good boy looks like he is taking his job very seriously indeed. Good to see they made helmets specifically for dogs in the war as well.

"Diner across where I work is offering some wild deals to bring in more customers."

"Mmmm, this new burger is really tasty! Is it vegan meat, is that's what is different about it?"

"Definitely not..."

"A VW Catfish."

Someone pointed out that you need to be wary with these things, as they always have Teslas as their profile picture on social media.

"Never get lost again!"

Wow, I got a severe nostalgia hit just by looking at those carpet maps! These were a staple of childhood, I doubt they still are though sadly.

"Middle finger guitar..."

Jesus, that is truly terrible. It will definitely make you stand out on stage...but for all of the wrong reasons.

"Meanwhile, in a Wal-Mart parking lot..."

I hope that the people working at that Walmart like the sight of this abomination as well, as judging from those back tires, it won't be going anywhere soon.

For When You Love Beans Just A Bit Too Much...

I thought that I loved beans more than the average person, but clearly I am just an amateur bean-lover compared to this bean-advocate!

"Today, on pay-per-view..."

Sure, it might not be as out-there as the double car earlier, but I'd much rather watch this fight. My money would be on the dinosaurs.