17+ People Who Got Less Than What They Paid For

We always like to get what we pay for in this world of ours. However, sadly, getting what is rightfully ours isn't always the case.

From people taxed with the "smartass charge" to people not getting paid enough to set themselves on fire, here are 17+ people who got less than what they paid for!

"A graduate always pays their debts..."

As much as I love this, the fact that there are random amounts of metal buttons on each corner is giving me a headache.

"Sooo... Just like every other store?"

Well, basically...yeah. I used to love rooting around random crap shops like these as a kid, you could find absolutely anything in these sorts of shops.

"The perfect envelope for paying traffic tickets you don't agree with."

In a similar vein, one other person added, "I had to fill out a jury duty selection form once and mailed it back with a Spiderman stamp, but I drew a web coming from his hand all the way across the envelope. Guess who didn't get called back."

"This lobster roll was $34. Banana for scale."

And yet, if I was drunk on cheap cider at a festival, then I would happily still buy this and just regret it when I sobered up.

"My brother pays $15,000/yr/child to send his kids to private school. This is the Grade1 homework from last week."

Wow, I wish that I'd had homework like this when I was a child. I had to find rocks on my own time, what a swindle!

"It's free, can't complain..."

I didn't even see the cake for a while. I suppose that it is the thought that counts? There is also a little bit of gold leaf on the plate by the looks of it... Maybe if they get a few thousand of these for free, then melt it all down, they might be able to make a profit.

"They pay me to build pipes, not to move rocks."

You can't expect them to be moving rocks around though, can you? I mean, what are they...rock-mover-around-ers? Pfft!

"I like their thinking."

If you can find the parts cheaper online, then maybe just get them cheaper online and stop wasting people's time?

"I don't usually go to work functions if I am not being paid... But I might need to make an exception to see our HR guy do this."

How is anyone meant to follow that? That's one hell of an opener to the talent show...and probably a shocking end to it as well.

"Apparently I was a Smartass today, it's a small price to pay."

I wonder what terrible joke or pickup line this person tried on the cashier to incur this. Also, this person really loves "misc," maybe they should chill out on the misc!

"I already thought paying someone to hold a sign was ridiculous, and then I see this."

One person added, "Interestingly enough, you need a special permit to post a sign anywhere that isn't your property. There's more to it than that, but financially and legally it's often easier to just have a dude stand there and hold the sign all day."

"Ate while driving, so didn't pay attention. Got most of the way through when I realized the chicken was 100% raw. Hope I don't die later."

Well, all I can hear when I look at this is the voice of Gordon Ramsay shrieking, "It's raw!"

"Most of my Christmas gifts got stuck in a distribution center, and are still there. My brother-in-law got this."

Nothing like a cartoon cow bemoaning the ineptitude of the postal service to convey the spirit of Christmas!

"Went to the dentist to make the last payment on $12,000 of work done. This is the toilet paper in his office restroom."

Ah, there really is nothing like the refreshing "comfort" of single ply toilet paper to make you never want to use single ply toilet paper ever again.

"My fiancee hates the pet stairs I bought for our dogs, saying they don't even use them. After weeks of attempted training I sent her a pic this morning..."

There's nothing like a good "I told you so" moment to really liven up a relationship.

"I ordered a desk lamp from Amazon. I should have read the specs more carefully."

Now you have a reading light! For your phone. Just make sure your screen brightness is turned really, really low.

"[...] Christmas pillow we bought online."

You're so right, pillow, the christhas tree really does deliverue.

"We bought alien balloons."

Just like humans are built differently, so are aliens. Don't be rude.

"[When Amazon] randomly sends you 20lbs of playdough but the best part is the forgotten Amazon scanner."

Yes, I'm an adult and yes, I'm now jealous of these people that got a whole load of Play-Doh for free.

"Bought a pet gate to keep my cat away from the Christmas tree."

To think one measly gate could stop the sheer determination of a cat. Foolish, really.

"So my wife bought a decorative sign for our kitchen."

I know I am, but I'd rather not be reminded every time I go microwave another corndog.

"My dad bought a wool hoodie online and the proportions were a bit off."

I can't decide if this is more "haunting phantom" or "cyber-future rebel that hacks government servers."

"Ranked #1 in the industry!"

In the end, a mother's judgment is all that matters.

"That carpentry course really paid off."

Now, I know very little about carpentry (it will doubtlessly shock you to know), but even I can see that there is a whole host of things gone wrong here.

"My dad kept insisting the lighter he bought was a Zippo."

It was so nice of them to label it so conveniently, really put an end to that argument.

"Paid extra for this 'window' seat."

Well, with a hammer I'm sure they could turn it into a window seat. 'Cause, you know, hammers are famously easy to get onto planes.

Now That Is Some Expensive Crap!

Which of these instances of financial strife was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!