Parents Are Upcycling Old Furniture Into Custom Play Kitchens For Kids

Being a parent is expensive, there's no doubt about that. Thankfully, there are lots of creative DIYs out there that can save parents some major moola. One upcycling project that's making its rounds online right now is turning old furniture like cupboards and TV cabinets into adorable little play kitchens for kids.

Check out a few of these kitchens to get inspired. If you do happen to make one of these, be sure to secure it to the wall with furniture safety brackets before your little one plays with it!

This kitchen is made of recycled packing crates.

It was finished off with some kid-sized features, like a toy sink that actually has running water! I love the addition of the plants, it's actually so chic.

This kitchen used to be a bedside table!

"[...] along with the old side table I had a few pieces of chip board and two small scraps of wood." A little paint and some fabric finished this tiny kitchen off!

Since some parents don't have any old furniture to upcycle, some used boxes instead!

"[...] since I had some extra boxes I used to use for shipping paper flowers I made them a little kitchen to play until Santa comes around!"

I would never believe this is cardboard, tbh.

This kitchen is an old TV cabinet!

"The Tv stand cost $5 and every thing else (down to the faucet) we already had."

Now that's working with what you've got! I love the retro vibes here.

Others use old cabinets!

"Play kitchen, made this for my daughter for Christmas , by upcycling an old TV cabinet. Even has an LED light in the oven," this Reddit user said.

Love it!

This is made out of an old oven.

"After a lot of cleaning, sawing, calming the kids down and sweating the little kitchen is, well, mostly done. When I looked at it, I knew it was meant to be, because it totally goes with us and our feeling in our home."

This one is a play on an Ikea piece.

A really popular way to get a good, high quality kid's kitchen is to use Ikea furniture and hack the crap out of it! This kitchen actually looks real.

This one is an upcycle of an old play kitchen.

I love crafty parents who reuse older play kitchens to make updated, fresh new ones! This one didn't change much, just had some gorgeous paint added to it.

This amazing 'Bob's Burgers' kitchen is totally DIY.

This is a hacked Ikea play kitchen that was seriously customized for maximum Bob's Burgers vibes. From the burger of the day to Bob's apron, this kitchen is fit for a Belcher.