Woman Makes Creative 'Holi-Trees' To Keep The Christmas Tree Up Year-Round

Is decorating the Christmas tree a favorite part of the holiday season for you? I feel the same way. Isn't it kind of sad when it's time to take the tree down and put it away for the rest of the year?

What if you didn't have to do that? What if you kept the tree all year round? How do you like that idea?

That's exactly how Nadia Colucci felt about her tree, too.

She felt really sad when it came time to take it down. So, she decided not to. Instead, she came up with the most fun and festive idea. Want to know what it is?

Nadia decided to dress the tree up for every holiday throughout the year.

The project ended up being such a fun and creative outlet for her. She calls her trees "Holi-Trees," and I kind of like that idea.

What would a celebration be without a pretty Valentine's Day-inspired tree?

I couldn't imagine Nadia skipping this holiday. After all, she probably couldn't wait to decorate it to look as beautiful as this. Aren't you absolutely in love with it?

She even created a tree to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Oh my goodness, how fun is this one? I've always wanted to go to New Orleans to partake in some Mardi Gras festivities. I think that event would so interesting to take part in, no?

May the luck of the Irish be with you.

I think with that many four-leaf clovers, Nadia is going to have one lucky year, ha, ha! This is such a fun idea for a totally green tree. Don't you think?

How cute is Nadia's Easter tree here? Aw, it's so pretty.

I love all the lovely flowers she incorporated into this idea. It's something I wouldn't have thought of for sure. Now that I see it, I'm starting to like it even more.

I definitely like this Fourth of July tree for summer!

Do you agree with me? Wow, I think it's even more decked out and festive than her Christmas tree. That's some dedication to celebrating your country. I'm so impressed. Aren't you?

She even came up with a tree for COVID-19.

That being said, it's her least favorite tree of all. I think we can all agree on that one, huh? It's the one tree I wouldn't want in my house.

And, Nadia created this special tree for those parents who are struggling to homeschool their kids.

I bet if you put a tree like this in your house, the kiddos would really like it. Maybe it would inspire them to study harder.

Wow, isn't this tree so cool and spooky?

I would never have thought of that. I mean, I have seen people dress up their trees for Thanksgiving or even Halloween. But, I've never heard of anyone keeping the tree up all year round.

Here's another really cool learning tree Nadia created to collaborate with @colormehappy.

This time she made one to celebrate animals. How cute is this creation of hers? I simply adore it. It's such a fantastic idea to get kids excited to learn about animals.

She even came up with a fun tree to teach kids about art.

I really love how she puts her personality in every festive tree she creates. I bet this gives kids so much inspiration to learn something new every day.

This Thanksgiving-inspired tree is giving me all the warm and cozy pumpkin feels.

It's also making me crave a pumpkin spice latte, hehe. What about you? I know winter is here, but I still can't let go of my favorite fall drink.

Here's another cool inspo for you to create your own Fourth of July "holi-tree."

And if you're not an American, why not create a tree to celebrate your own country. I think I need to make one for Canada Day, eh?

If you thought Nadia's previous Valentine's Day tree was too busy for you, not to worry.

She has another version you can re-create yourself. I think this one is just as pretty and festive. Doesn't this one pull on your heartstrings?

Oh my goodness, what do you think about this idea?

Would you keep your Christmas tree up all year long? Does dressing it up for a different holiday appeal to you? I've got to admit this idea is starting to grow on me.