15+ Things That Aren't Supposed To Make Our Eyes Hurt As Much As They Do

The world isn't always a pretty place. I mean, there's plenty of beauty out there, but that doesn't mean that our existence is entirely beautiful. Some sights hurt your eyes. Others hurt your brain. The only way to cope, really, is to peruse listicles on the internet.

One. Job.

Reddit | JAS0NL3GACY

I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea how forks are manufactured. I'm sure it's harder than it looks. But still, how did this happen?!

Greatest thing since sliced bread.

Reddit | MohanBhargava

If you like sliced bread, but hate everything that we've come to see as normal about bread, perhaps this will be up your alley.

Been there.

Reddit | FormerCrow97

One big phenomenon of 21st century life is ordering something small, then having to unwrap about a dozen layers before you even see the item.

The kids will love it.

Reddit | bailey_turnbow

I'm totally in favor of doing stuff to make tooth brushing more fun, but this vomiting Yoda head definitely ain't it.

Don't use it like that.

Reddit | RaajanWankhade

These scouring pads are perfectly inoffensive on their own. But marketing them as bath sponges is a truly dangerous game to play.

Morning fix.

Reddit | ScottieBoiJoe

To me, there's nothing more appetizing than a cup of steaming, freshly-brewed coffee. Somehow, though, this mug really isn't doing it for me.

One window just had to be different.

Reddit | Luckyy03

I need to see the inside of this hotel. Did one room just start tilting? Did they do this to inject some whimsy into the bland building? I need answers.

Butt out.

Reddit | hipphipphan

The one positive thing about this unbelievably ugly ashtray is that its utter grossness might just inspire smokers to quit.

At least it's fresh.

Reddit | Derbycat1

There's nothing better than a smushed, pale burger that comes complete with its own 'best by' sticker incorporated into the filling.

Seems legit.

Reddit | HoldYourButt

So he's six feet tall, while she's 5'8". That checks out. But somehow, I don't think their ankles are four feet above the ground.

Wait a minute.

Reddit | KrisuKK

This is either a card that was printed in error, or it's the all-powerful card that can be used as either a 2 or 3 of spades.

Powerful filters on those.

Reddit | Mhinc

I don't want to discount what this filter is capable of, but somehow I don't think it has the power to bring whole buildings into existence.

Flip turned upside down.

Reddit | Cunny1989

I can appreciate uniqueness as much as the next guy, but this house looks more stupid than unique. Like, are the floors even level?

Bucking the trend.

Reddit | Shadow6751

We live in a time where smart devices are basically massive touchscreens. This thing switches it up by packing a tiny screen into a massive device. It's like the original Game Boy.

The state of those cuffs...

Reddit | Ragequitter101

This doesn't just look bad, it feels bad, too. I don't know how anyone could go about their day with their cuffs all messed up and not be able to feel it.

Pants on fire.

Reddit | DonkeyWorker

The left pic shows someone with flaming pants. The right pic looks like someone dropped a flaming...something. In any case, I don't want these pants.

No stain?

Reddit | chickatysplit

I guess the illusion of pee stains everywhere is just part of the design of this bedding. It's perfect for people who want puppies but don't have them.

Friendly neighborhood eye-poker.


The people who design these things should put just a little bit more thought into how they'll actually be used.

Don't look at me.

Reddit | JeanLucDPG

I have no beef with Tinkerbell in general, but this horrifying Tink statue is staring right through my eyes and into my soul.

My brain hurts.

Reddit | ChrFaz

Just imagine trying to order something at this place. I'm not even totally certain what it is that they sell.

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