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Internet Works Together To Help Find This Senior Dog His Favorite Discontinued Toy

Believe it or not, dogs can be pretty particular when it comes to their toys. Some prefer those that squeak while others are more interested in the ones that oink; some like their toys to be soft and fluffy while others want something durable they can really chew.

But at the end of the day, out of every wonderful toy they have in their little basket, each dog has that one special friend that ranks high above the rest. It's the toy they grab when someone unexpectedly shows up at the front door, the one they take to bed with them at night, and the one you always make sure to pack for road trips to keep your pup company.

But what happens when that favorite toy is suddenly and inexplicably discontinued? What then?

Well, for one dog momma, she knew she couldn't just sit by and make her beloved pet go without his trusted sidekick. So she turned to the internet for help.

In 2018, Kelli Brown sent out a plea on Twitter, explaining that her 12-year-old pup, Jaxon, will only play with one stuffy: a green Top Paw toy she would normally buy at Pet Smart, but which has since tragically been discontinued.

"Got any laying around?" Brown asked the pet supply company in her tweet, along with a photo of Jaxon cuddling the toy in question. "We'll buy them all up if you let us! Very sad boy here!"

That tweet quickly went viral, receiving hundreds of retweets from people determined to get Jaxon a replacement "Greenie."

One reply came from a fellow "toy snob" dog owner whose pup, Sophie, also preferred the Top Paw Green Squeakie. Ever since it's been discontinued, they've been giving Sophie a Yellow Chickie which has quickly taken the original toy's place in her heart.

Perhaps Squeakie could be a worthy replacement for Jaxob's beloved "Greenie"!

However, Brown admitted they've already tried getting Jaxon hooked on other toys, but there's simply no replacing his best friend.

They've even tried swapping out "Greenie" with other green toys, in case it was the color Jaxon was partial to, but he "wouldn't have anything to do with them."

"And there was a red & yellow version of his fave [sic] toy (a dragon!)," Brown said in a follow-up tweet. "Same size, same fabric; just a different color and no dice. What a weirdo, lol."

So the search continued, and Brown's desperate plea ultimately ended up reaching Matt Nelson, the self-proclaimed "Dog Father" and writer for the We Rate Dogs Twitter page.

Thanks to Nelson's retweet, Brown's toy request began reaching more people, with one PetsMart employee seeing it and sharing the post to a company Facebook group.

From there, many employees across the country began diligently checking their own location's stock to see if they happened to have any "Greenies" left.

Finally, after a month of retweets, shares, and searches, Jaxon received the ultimate care package containing an incredible *eight* "Greenies"!

Also inside the box filled to the brim with the pup's favorite toy was a handwritten card and a bag of treats.

"Happy to say the power of the internet came through BIG TIME," Brown wrote in an update tweet. "[Jaxon] is so happy right now...thank you all!"

Brown even later shared a heartwarming video showing Jaxon surrounded by a whole family of "Greenies".

Now this senior pup has a lifetime supply of his favorite toy, and he'll never have to worry about ever being without a single "Greenie" ever again!

It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the power of the internet. When people pull together for a common cause, there's nothing stopping them from getting things done!

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