9+ Packaging Designs That Were Actually Cooler Than The Products

Have you noticed lately that some packaging is even more interesting than the product inside of it? It seems to be a recent trend that's sweeping the design world.

Why is this happening? Honestly, I'm not too sure, but it's definitely cool to see. After all, there's something very exciting about opening a package, and maybe that's the whole idea.

1. This Frozen Yogurt

At first glance, I wasn't sure what this product could be. Now that I see it, I realize that it's just yogurt. Clearly, the packaging is way more exciting than what's inside, but I love it.

2. This Honey Comb Design

How cool and innovative is this wild honey packaging design? Once you open it, it looks like a hexagonal super symbol of a hive. I'm not sure how useful it would be, but it's really awesome to see.

3. This Pizza Box

I know ordering a pizza is a fun endeavor for many of us. But what if that box had a game that you could play once you finished munching on your slice? Oh my goodness, this does look like fun.

4. These Paint Brushes

Why should you settle for just regular paintbrushes, when you can get something that looks as cool as this? Which beard appeals to you? Here you have at least a few awesome choices to choose from, huh?

5. This Perfume Bottle

If you came up with your own perfume bottle what would it look like to you? Well, if you're looking for that zen feeling, this would definitely be it. I feel more relaxed just looking at it. What about you?

6. This Food Packaging

If somebody packaged your food like this, would it make you want to eat it even more? I've got to say there is something to this design that evokes an emotion for me. What about you?

7. These Meat Packages

Oh my goodness, is this packaging making you crave meat more or less? I've got to admit it's pretty vivid, to say the least. I'm still on the fence whether I like it or not, though.

8. This Nougat Box

Have you ever had treats that came in an exciting box? I think this nougat fits the bill quite well here. It might be even more fun to look at it than it would be to eat it, hee, hee. Do you agree with me?

9. This Whiskey

Is that whiskey hanging in your garden? Well, it is, but is it? This whiskey brand came up with the most innovative package design. The whiskey casing becomes a stunning bird feeder. Wow, how neat is that?

10. This Fruit Packaging

If you can believe it, this fruit packaging only used one piece of paper to get this made. I think it's such an interesting design. Not only do you get to see what's inside, but it's a lot more fun to carry it around.

11. These Pasta Packages

Is it me, or did pasta just get a lot more exciting with this cool packaging here? It's too bad once you take it out the visual effect is gone, eh? I think this looks so interesting.

12. These Light Bulbs

Wouldn't it be a lot more exciting to shop for light bulbs if the packaging looked like this? Oh wow, I'm really digging these cool designs here. What a fun way to take a boring product and turn it around, huh?

13. This Sunscreen

The Anessa sunscreen is coming out with a special Pokémon edition, and their packaging is definitely on point. Oh my goodness, isn't this the cutest or what? I bet this is going to be a popular one.

14. These Beer Cans

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a good beer can design. I think beer companies are really stepping things up. What do you think of this one? I'm totally blown away by it.

15. This Milk Carton

Awe, how adorable is this milk carton? If you saw milk in something like this, would you be more inclined to buy it? I have to admit I would definitely pick it up and take a look at it.

16. These Paint Tools

I get it, a paint can may not exactly be that exciting. Am I right? However, when you presented it like this, that's more like it, no? I think this is a lot more fun to look at, huh?

17. This Vodka Packaging

I may not be much of a drinker, but even I can appreciate a cool design when I see it. This vodka packaging is very intriguing, to say the least. Do you agree with me here?

18. This Tin Can Idea

I don't know about you, but there's something about a tin can that I find very aesthetically pleasing. I don't even care what's inside. I just like the look of it, hee, hee. Do you get what I'm saying?

19. This Chocolate Lot

The Vialetto1893 chocolate bars tell the story of a fascinating and unique Italian family. The Sixth Sense of the Vialetto family has led each component to create a unique product in line with their own personality. How interesting is that?

20. This Honey Packaging

Finally a honey package you can take with you. All you need to do is cut the tip off, and you're ready to pour it into your tea or coffee. I have to say, I really like this idea.

21. This Hot Sauce

If the packaging of this hot sauce is any indication of its potency, then you pretty much get the point here. I think it looks so cool, I wouldn't even want to open it. How about you?

22. This Nut Package

If you want your product to appeal to more people, you have to think out of the box. In this case, the box of these hazelnuts looks like an adorable squirrel with a mouth full of nuts. Isn't that nuts? Ha, ha!

So what's your verdict on these product packaging designs?

Do they speak to you, or do they distract you from what's inside? I think I like where this whole idea is going. I feel like a child who's about to discover something new.

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