16+ Bizarre Ideas That Were Masterfully Executed

Although it doesn't happen often, we'll sometimes come across something with a concept that repulses us but that we can't completely hate due to how much skill went into it.

In such moments, we truly do get a sense of how vital planning and skill are in bringing an idea to life. Because as beautiful as a great idea can be, it has no hope of being anything but a massive disappointment if the people behind it can't stick the landing.

So that's why we've brought together this collection of both promising ideas and ones that seemed like they would never work and appreciate the hard-won results.

I can't say that decorating my kitchen in a skull pattern ever crossed my mind but I'd be lying if I said the results weren't badass.

Of course, the only problem here and the reason I will only admire this and not emulate it is that it looks like a nightmare to clean.

It's no surprise that this guy looks so proud because this might be the fanciest cubicle I've ever seen.

If it weren't for the style of the phone and the computer, this could probably be mistaken for some stately mid-20th century study if we zoomed in enough.

While the fact that this bed appears to be made from the bed of a pickup truck is pretty nifty, that's not quite what makes this photo stand out.

Instead, it appears that people are a lot more impressed by way that someone managed to fold this towel to resemble a cobra.

I guess there's a lot to like about this picture, then.

As we can see, this guy wanted his suit to look specifically like the seats on the buses in Sydney, Australia.

But as far as I can tell, he didn't just stop at emulating the aesthetic. That could very well be the same fabric they used to line those seats.

I wonder, is this better or worse than your default variety of creepy doll?

Because while it looks like something we'd normally only see in our nightmares, I also can't deny that it's kind of endearing to see that alligator head enjoy the lollipop so much.

I'm kind of baffled as to how this idea came about but I'm not mad at it.

I think my favorite part of this is that the mersquirrel has little fins on the side of its head. It's a nice touch.

And for some reason, I get a kick out of the idea of a tattoo artists etching this into someone's skin with a very serious look on their face. I guess I just like consummate professionalism in the face of absurdity.

It's important to note that what we're looking at here isn't just a cool shelf in the shape of a piano.

Instead, this is an actual Baby Grand piano that somebody successfully converted into a shelf.

Given how expensive those can be, this was presumably a piano that had run its course sonically.

After this person made a lamp, they showed off their handiwork and wondered whether they went too far.

Apparently, it's supposed to be an "occult adjacent" design but that's really only evident from that eye.

Otherwise, this just seems a fancy lamp for someone with eccentric tastes. I dig it.

It's worth noting that someone didn't just fire a bunch of shots while standing over this table. It's part of the design.

In the interest of setting what I assume is the right atmosphere, this table is supposed to look like a river bed filled with shell casings.

You may have already guessed it but this design was dreamed up in Texas.

If this seems like an iffy idea, it might help to learn that this is an airsoft gun and not the real thing.

And before anyone says anything, yes, the Nintendo Zapper didn't take batteries.

But are you really going to let that stop you from enjoying "durapew?"

I can't say I understand why someone put this together but it seems like it took a lot of work.

But hey, now those who don't want a Christmas tree for whatever reason now have another festive concept at their disposal: the porta-pyramid.

I just hope these weren't used recently.

Apparently, ever since the quarantine began, this household has been setting up a new scene in their front yard every day with these giant teddy bears.

As we can see, the day this was taken from happened to feature an adorable magic show but there's a whole Reddit community dedicated to cataloguing each one.

Although I can't say this is the first *Mad Max*-mobile I've seen someone create, I can say they usually don't use a Lexus as their foundation.

Although I suppose that if society collapses to the point that these become a common sight, it won't really matter how much prestige a car had before a road warrior modifies it.

I imagine there are precious few places where they can get away with using it but that is indeed a jet engine strapped to a Volkswagen Beetle.

And just in case you're suspicious that this has been photoshopped, there's at least one video of this vehicle in action.

I think this is exactly as close as any of us would like to get to the scenario that sees a dinosaur crashing through our walls.

Not only is this a really cool decoration but it's also the perfect excuse not to finish this room.

Now, that's how you work smart and not hard.

Not to worry, we're not witnessing a firey blast that someone shouldn't have hung around to photograph.

Instead, this is apparently a night light that bears a chilling resemblance to an apocalyptic mushroom cloud.

I don't see how that makes nightmares less likely but I won't deny it's both cool looking and really well done.

The Gobi Desert of Mongolia likely makes for a rough trek, which makes this metaphorical oasis an all the more welcome sight.

I'd find this turtle-shaped restaurant charming under normal circumstances but I wouldn't be surprised if I started crying tears of joy when I came across it after the desert left me half-delirious.

When the uploader took a trip to the Bahamas, they came back with this fascinating souvenir.

Yup, it's apparently doable to make a pretty spiffy race car entirely out of Fanta cans. I'd be surprised if it actually rolls, though.

We'll often see people make some charming figures out of snow but they don't often approach it with this level of raw talent.

I'm in awe of the professional quality of this bust and it's just as wild to me that they'd leave it out in the open where anyone could just trip over it and wreck it.

I get the same feeling when I see an elaborate sand castle.

Apparently, it took quite the process for this person to get a dragonfly on their finger.

As they explained, "There was a pole in my yard that a dragonfly loved to sunbathe in, and if you scared him away he would always fly right back on. So I scared him away and put my finger on the pole so he would fly onto my finger."

I guess we can call that a success!

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