Tim Allen Pays Tribute To Late 'Home Improvement' Star In 'Last Man Standing'

It might've at one time seemed impossible for Tim Allen to follow up on his wildly successful sitcom Home Improvement, but after 9 fantastic seasons, it's clear that Tim has the magic touch, because Last Man Standing has been a huge hit that proves Tim's still got it!

In the show's final season, Tim honors the Home Improvement legacy, but he also honors one of Home Improvement's stars, Earl Hindman, who played Tim's neighbor, Wilson.

On *Last Man Standing*, Tim's Mike Baxter meets Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor.


Tim Taylor shows up to spend a little time with Mike Baxter, and gets into some pretty familiar situations where his classic "more power" motto doesn't quite work out for him, but this time he's attempting it with the Baxter's home improvements.

“That more power stuff worked better on my show and not so good at my house either,” Tim tells Mike before covering half of his face in a callback to Mr. Wilson's always appearing behind a fence.

“It’s always been easier to open up when I’m just talking to the top half of another man’s face," Tim says. "I did it with Wilson.”

Earl Hindman, who played Mr. Wilson on over 200 episodes of Home Improvement, passed away in 2003 from lung cancer at the age of 61.

“I shared a lot of stuff with him. He passed away. I miss Wilson. I miss a lot of stuff," Tim says in the show.

Earlier, Tim Allen told Entertainment Tonight, "I adored the man and we kind of brought that up in the story," he said of Earl. "I started thinking about all the history I had with that TV show, how I compare it to my life on this show."

"It's all about loss, is all I kept saying in that episode," Tim said.

What a great way to honor the character and the man himself!

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