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'Entitled' Mom Who Tried To Shame Babysitter For Quitting Gets Called Out Online

Sometimes in life when we take a job, we realize that it's just not the right job for us. Whether it's because of the pay scale or the boss, we realize that it's not the right fit and we need to move on.

Unfortunately, not all employers and bosses are understanding when we decide to walk away.

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Especially if you work for a boss one-on-one, such as being employed as a family's babysitter, it can be hard to quit and cut ties with them. Sometimes, they get offended and angry at your decision.

Recently, one babysitter decided to move on from her job after realizing she would make more money at her local Walmart.

The babysitter told her employer that she would no longer be working for the family as she "can't afford to work" for the mother anymore.

The mom did not take the news well. Instead of understanding, she lashed out online.

The mom spoke out on Facebook angry that the babysitter quit, leaving her without childcare. She said had "easy hours" and was making $100 a week from her. Now, she decided to leave for Walmart.

Someone pointed out on the post that she would be making more at Walmart.

One person commented saying that she would be making more at Walmart as the pay scale only amounted to $2.50 an hour.

However, the mom said she would have to pay "taxes" from Walmart as the babysitting job was "under-the-table money."

Then things took a rather dramatic turn when someone tagged the babysitter in the post.

Of course, the mother thought she had blocked the babysitter. In fact, she had not blocked her and the former babysitter could see everything she wrote.

The former babysitter also clapped back online.

The former babysitter said she works "less hours at Walmart" and makes more.

Additionally, she said the kids "scream half the day" and the job at Walmart has benefits, which babysitting did not.

She also called the mom out for having her work for two months without pay.

The mom then wrote back, with a lot of negative energy.

The mom went on to call the former babysitter "greedy" and even said that "she made her dinner on multiple occasions," asking if she should "invoice her" for the food.

She then accused the former babysitter for only being friends with her for cash. Wild.

The post was later shared on Reddit's "Choosing Beggars" thread, which represents the worst of the worst in cheap, rude, inconsiderate people.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, thought this mom was super out of line and crazy.

"She’s living in a freaking dreamland! Not only thinking $2.50/hour is enough, but she’s been tallying food, water usage, and WiFi use that whole damn time too? What an absolute self-absorbed t**t," one person said.

Others said that with the amount of hours this babysitter worked, she should be "full time."

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"We pay our nanny for one kid C$16.50 above-board (including CPP and EI benefits) with overtime and holidays, as well as a year-end bonus. And this is her first nannying job, so it's not like it's an experience-based pay. I know people who pay their nannies $18-20 an hour, and professional daycare in our area is around $100 a day. U$2.50 is ridiculous and this mother should be ashamed of herself," one person added.

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