Quotes To Show Anyone Who Says They Can't Wait To Get Married

Have you ever overheard someone say they just "can't wait" to get married someday, and thought to yourself, "Was I that naïve once?"

I'm here to tell you that yes, you probably were. And so is that person. And I feel like it's our duty to give them a proper heads up so they really know what they're signing up for when they say "I do."

On that note, I've compiled some very eye-opening marriage quotes that I think everyone should see, especially those people who simply cannot wait to take that trip down the aisle themselves. This will be like a little lesson on what they can expect after they get that ring on their poor, unsuspecting finger.


And that "dinner" he cooked was just soup from a can.

Whenever he offers to cook dinner, we all have a moment of hesitation where we remember every other night that ended with us spending half an hour in the kitchen cleaning up his mess.

But he always looks so excited to make dinner that we can't help but say "sure", knowing fully well what disaster will be waiting for us once he's done.

Run and hide.

Seriously. If we give you a coupon with specific instructions to use it, you better come home with empty pockets and at least $1.50 in savings because we don't play around when it comes to coupons.

We just don't.

That's what dating's really for.

Sure, we can tell ourselves we date to figure out if we really love the person or not. But I'm of the opinion that all those dinner dates you go on have one simple purpose: to find out how they sound when they eat food.

If they slurp, smack, spit, or have a particularly loud jaw, then I'm sorry but it's just not going to work out for us.

IKEA is where you go to get reasonably priced furniture and divorced.

Seriously, don't even attempt to go there on the weekend, let alone when you haven't eaten anything yet. There's nothing worse than a hangry trip to IKEA during its busiest times with someone who does not agree with your sense of style, and who will repeatedly point out the wrong pieces of furniture.

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