17+ People Who Cut One Too Many Corners

If a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing well! Well, this is true for most of us but sadly not all of us.

From "Ew Year's" celebrations to the laziest poetry on the planet, here are 16+ people who cut one too many corners!

Seems About Right...

If 2021 is anywhere as bad as 2020 then they don't need to bother fixing that sign really.

"The Christmas Clump!"

This is the best way to show off your Christmas spirit while also avoiding having to untangle damn lights!

"Shovel and Salt your driveway the redneck way!"

I would kind of be in awe of this ingenuity if this wasn't built around a pair of crocs, the devil's footwear.

"How are the blind people supposed to call the number?"

"Should we not put the information in braille on the side of the pens?"

"Urgh, that seems like a lot of hard work."

"Yeah...but, probably necessary though."

"When you lie on your job application..."

I'm sure that if you get through that little door there will be all manner of treasures and special items. I think I might play too many video-games actually.

Hiding In Plain Sight!

Some people will go to all manner of lengths to try and get out of having to pay their TV license in the UK.

"My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer."

Well, I would really start rethinking being in that relationship. This is some serious physiological warfare.

Cooked To Perfection!

Now this is more in line with how I cook — and I am playing fast and loose with the term "cook" there.

"The chosen one..."

Ah, a sign that is technically correct, the best kind of correct! No way their boss could be angry at them for this...probably?

She's Trying Her Best Damn It!

Look, minimalism is very in at the moment, she's just trying to keep up with the style of the times!

The Stick Fix!

In fairness, I would rather eat those cold sticks than drink the green Powerade, dear God that stuff is abysmal.

"Shoe dryer prototype for you guys!"

I bet that the person who came up with this goes through a lot of hairdryers, and a lot of apartments probably.

"There was an attempt to catch a live mouse."

Why do all of the hard work yourself when you can get a machine to do it? The cats are learning from us!

"This 9 year old is already a pro at cutting corners on homework."

This also doubles up as a good way to remember how to write a haiku for the other kids as well!

"I feel like Wendy's definitely cut corners somewhere."

All fast food places cut corners, it's just best to not think about it when you're gorging yourself on salty fatty goodness.

"Found this at an estate sale..."

Look, it sure as hell ain't going to be comfortable, but I bet it is bloody cheap! Which is something!

Fixed The Clock!

I suppose that it was cheaper to buy a new small clock and some sticky tape than it was to hire someone to fix the bigger one.

Modern Problems Require Idiotic Solutions!

And for anyone out there thinking that this might actually be a good way to save on the gas bill...please, just don't try this at home.

"Handmade downpipe..."

I suppose that this is actually a pretty green thing to do, it is recycling I guess.

"How To Combat Overheating 101!"

I'll be honest, the main thing that would annoy me about this would be the fact that the holes aren't uniform!

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