Oreo Is Releasing A Strawberry Frosted Donut Flavor — Need We Say More?

For anyone that may be on the quest for the best snack of the year, we think we may have found it.

Oreo's upcoming Strawberry Frosted Donut flavor sounds too good to be real, and yet, we can expect it to come out later this year.

Whether it's with our morning coffee or just a midday snack, we're ready to take a few of these babies home.

Oreo has done it again with their amazing flavor varieties.

The cookie company is no stranger to serving us up some serious strawberry flavors.

From their strawberry shortcake, strawberry creme, and chocolate strawberry flavors, to this new strawberry frosted donut flavor, Oreo has pretty much won the strawberry game.

These Oreos are exceptionally glamourous.

These are unlike any Oreos that we've seen before.

They have two different fillings, and one of the fillings has glitter in it.

That's right, both the strawberry-flavored creme packed with rainbow sprinkles and glitter, and the donut-flavored creme will have you swear you just went to a disco-themed donut bakery.

Sadly, these Oreos won't be around forever.

While this flavor has the makings to be an instant hit, it's only a limited edition flavor.

It's sad to think of these strawberry frosted donut Oreos leaving the shelves before they're even in stock, but it definitely has us ready to stock up for the year, maybe even a lifetime.

Get ready to savor every bite.

These Oreos are set to come out in March 2021, which means an unbearably long wait for a delicious reward.

In the meantime, we can look forward to Oreo's other new flavors and remember to stock up while we can.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Oreo's strawberry frosted donut flavor and if you plan to stock up on these tasty glitter filled cookies.

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