10+ TV Shows That Should Be Canceled In 2021

Earlier this week, the internet rejoiced when it learned that the children's show, Caillou had finally been canceled.

Cue the sound of parents screaming everywhere!

This cancelation got us thinking: what other shows need to be canceled in 2021?

There are the obvious ones like Emily in Paris (eating a croissant doesn't make you French, girl) to the less-obvious ones like South Park.



Showrunner Ryan Murphy has made a lot of great shows: American Horror Story, Hollywood, and Glee. But Ratched sadly doesn't make the list.

The writing was super poor. They had many mental patients, but their stories were rushed.

*The Bachelor*

This guilty pleasure has become overdone. It follows a formula that doesn't have a good track record! Most of the couples end up splitting up.

Sadly, it's become known that most contestants go on to boost their Instagram followers.

*Space Force*

When we heard that Steve Carrell was leading another work-placed comedy, we were hoping that it was basically The Office 2.0.

But man, we were let down. Since it wasn't that funny, many struggled to get through the first season.



This show is still on?? It's hard to believe since the show felt over once the Westworld park closed down.

Now that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is out living in the real world, it's hard to care for a character without a soul.

'The Haunting of Bly Manor' (Netflix)

While the second season was a bit different than the first, a lot still felt eerily the same.

They had some of the same actors, the setting in another haunted house, and drawn-out plots that were hard to follow.

*90 Day Fiance*


It's called a guilty pleasure for a reason. You feel guilty about watching it!

It's hard to see people make dumb mistakes over and over. Plus, the last few seasons have had more drama than we could handle.


The show has gotten more ridiculous as the seasons have gone on.

I mean, one plotline was about a cult leader escaping on a rocket he built after getting people to commit a murder-suicide.

*Grey's Anatomy*

As addicting as this show is, it's just not the same without the original cast. We miss people like McDreamy and Cristina Yang!

The storylines are also stale since most have been recycled. It's time to part ways.

*Law and Order SVU*

When the show first started, it was super interesting. We loved all the action and getting to know Olivia Benson and the other detectives.

But now that the show is going into its 22nd season, it's less interesting.

*The Flash*

We want to see this one gone in a flash.

It's gone downhill due to the dragged-out storylines and dumb villains that could run almost as fast as Barry. It's also developed a soapy feel about it.

*The Simpsons*

Sadly, this classic just isn't as entertaining as it used to be. The constant recurring gags and repeated jokes have left a stale taste in viewers' mouths.

So much so that the audience has been cut to less than a quarter from seasons 12 to 32.


How long can this murderer go without being caught?!

Now that we've learned Love is just as crazy as Joe is, it makes us worried about what unrealistic plot the show will come up with next.

*Big Brother*

Expect the unexpected? Nah, more like "expect boring."

With a lack of diversity, fans would agree that the show isn't as good as its earlier seasons. Some contestants have even gotten in trouble for saying offensive things.

*America's Got Talent*

Instead of America's Got Talent, it should be America's Got a Sob Story. So many contestants have learned to share their sad stories in order to win over the judges.

We also want more talent than just singing!

*Saturday Night Live*

We're sorry to say it, but who really cares anymore?

Now that our favorite actors and actresses are gone — Will Ferrell, Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg — are gone, the show has lost its magic.

*Family Guy*

Lately, it's like Seth MacFarlane stopped trying.

From Meg being the laughing stock to Stewie's constant solo missions, it's become apparent that Seth is focusing more on his other show, American Dad.

*South Park*

With quite the massive cult following, this one won’t be canceled anytime soon.

But in this current climate of people being sensitive, it's obvious that a show that so often pushes the boundaries can't survive.

*Stranger Things*

The hype has sadly faded from this show. The last season was basically just a do-over of the first two seasons and there was the forced romance between Eleven and Mike.

This makes us wonder what recycled plot they'll use next.

*Emily in Paris*

Back in October, Emily in Paris swept the internet — but not for the right reasons.

Instead, people were baffled by the show's cheesiness, the fact that she moved to Paris without knowing a lick of French, and all the stereotypes.

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