Build Your Hogwarts House Crest With Lego's New 'Harry Potter' Wall Art Sets

Do you need to just zen out and relax for a while? Would you like to do it Harry Potter style?

Then Lego's new Harry Potter set might be for you! Their adult-friendly home decor line just added some Hogwarts magic to its ranks with a Hogwarts house crest kit! Let's check it out.

In case you don't know, Lego has a whole line of products for adults!

Lego's pop culture sets are rated 18+ and meant to be fun, challenging crafts for adults to build. Small projects are super therapeutic for adults, much like grown-up coloring books!

This set features the magic of Harry Potter.

So, which house are you in? I'm a Hufflepuff myself, but all my friends are Slytherins.

Each kit comes with nine canvas plates, so you can make one of each and another for your friends!

The set has over 4,000 pieces!

You're going to need a vault at Gringotts to keep track of them all! The kit also comes with the Harry Potter soundtrack, so you can listen to the music from the films while you build.

You can combine the house crests to create the Hogwarts crest, too.

I would totally build this one first! You can but the whole kit for $150 on LEGO's website. It also comes with wall hooks that you can display your art with when you're done!

No word on if the art moves, however...but watch out for the Fat Lady just in case.