Fans Are Angry After Disney Promotes Unrealistic Body Standards

Disney is coming under fire on social media recently for their 2016 short film Inner Workings. The kids' film features depictions of highly unrealistic body types, and fans are not happy about it.

Why this is all coming to light five years later I cannot tell you, but I think it's safe to say pandemic boredom, amirite?

Pixar has a long history of releasing some pretty iconic films.

And when you think of these Pixar films, you most likely think of feel-good tear-jerkers like Up and Coco, do you not?

But have you ever seen the 2016 Pixar short film *Inner Workings*?


No? Me neither, but apparently it's pretty good!

The film tells the story of "the internal struggle between a man’s Brain—a pragmatic protector who calculates his every move, and his Heart—a free-spirited adventurer who wants to let loose.”

There's just one problem, though.

The message of the film seems to be getting lost in social media's obsession with the super unrealistic body types the movie depicts.

People were quick to point out the body proportions featured in the short film.

Other users began pointing out more questionable body shapes.

They also began questioning the impact these images would have on children.

"Children absorb everything presented to them," pointed out one user.

"I know it’s just a cartoon but for the love of god.."

"They need to put some belly on that girl . Its makes me sad thinking kids out here thinking that’s how their body should look .. It’s naturally impossible to have a booty like that with no belly at all!!!" agreed another.

"Holy [expletive] is that genuinely what is going on?"

"Man I better let my kids watch old school cartoons," tweeted one father.

"Yaaas push the beauty standards onto kids," echoed another user.

Of course, not everybody was against the film's animations.

Fans were quick to point out that cartoons, in general, are unrealistic.

"Disney has always made “unrealistic” body types. All of you sensitive people mad about this need to realize that there’s BIGGER things in the world to be mad about," user @kristanovva wrote.

Some people pointed out how unrealistic other cartoons really were.

Like Mario and Luigi's hands which, now that they mention it, are suspiciously oversized. Yet, nobody brings this up as a concern for impressionable children.

Even though it's just a cartoon, it's easy to see why it is upsetting so many people.

Perpetuating unrealistic body types is never okay!

What do you think of the body shapes? Are people blowing this out of proportion, or do they make a good point? Let us know in the comments below!