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16+ Things We'd Like To See More Of In The World

In its natural state, the world was a pretty poor user experience for humans. Why else would we need to invent things like the wheel, build shelters, harness fire to warm those shelters and cook our meals, make clothing, and so on?

Tweaks to that user experience have kept getting more and more complex, of course, to the point that we now have the stuff below in our lives, and frankly, I think it all makes life a little bit better.

It's about time.

Reddit | t-muns

We have this technology for public toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and so on, so why not add motion activation to crosswalk buttons as well?

The fewer things you have to push that others also have to push the better, if you ask me.

Shine on!

Reddit | Iiri92

I wish I had a closet full of clothing like this. Light me up brighter than the sun when those headlights hit me at night!

A solid compromise.

Reddit | lherme13

I know, I'm not a big fan of pets being caged either, but this seems like the best of both worlds to allow owners to bring their furry friends shopping with them while keeping them and fellow shoppers safe at the same time.

And it's an especially good idea when you consider alternatives like leaving dogs in cars or out in the cold.

So ready for this.

Reddit | Speedy5ingh

As someone with a back you could charitably call "wonky" or more accurately call "perpetually prepared to ignite in pain," I heartily approve of this self-weighing suitcase.

I suspect I'm far from alone in that as well. Who wants to have to find out if your luggage is under 50 pounds by lifting it repeatedly?

The good, the cute, and the tiny.

Reddit | skullcarving

I love the idea of giving your pet hamster a full-on scale model replica of a pueblo to roam around in. I don't know why, exactly, but I do.

Bank error in your favor.

Reddit | purple-circle

This is like that Monopoly card, only instead of collecting $10, the homeowner got a free driveway because the concrete guy went to the wrong address.

Sweet deal! It's not like they can just take it back, right?

Recycling gets easier when it's fun.

Reddit | 6r1n3i19

I'm not sure how many of us would actually use any of these ideas for alternate uses for a pizza box before throwing it away, but I have definitely used one as a paint drop cloth before, and the cat fort is legit.

Not so sure about the costume or the wall decor, but there's a good chance it will at least be a Frisbee on the way to the garbage can.

A time saver.

Well, at least when you're a repair man, a shirt like this saves you having to put up signs and explain to people trying to come and go about which door to use.

I wonder how often it has come in handy for him?


Reddit | Ashtronica2

Or wrist-y? Either way, this bracelet contains a magnet to help wrangle screws and such as you're working.

As someone who is an accomplished dropper of screws, especially the smallest and therefore most difficult to find ones in the house, I'll take two.

Et tu, Papermate?

Reddit | letsgetthemango

Honestly, is this not the perfect spot to store your Sharpies? I know I want the items on my desk to have some character, and there's nothing quite like an actual historical character to fit that bill.

Well that's thoughtful.

Reddit | cantonic

Some might call this a shot at Amazon but I call it a helpful heads-up from a retailer that wants me to get merch that actually works. Okay, maybe it's really both.

A fun way to reduce goose bumps.

Reddit | asl052

Obviously it's not that hard to write out "duck" to let hikers know they'll want to squat down to pass beneath this fallen tree, but isn't saying it with a picture of a duck better?


Reddit | stoffiboffi

Are windows themselves really that innovative? Maybe not, but when you have a view like this — at a store in Austria that looks onto the Alps — adding more, bigger windows is a great idea for customers and employees alike.

Who wouldn't want to have that view at work?

Nice work, 'pool.

Reddit | Jugglerguy

Good ol' Deadpool, looking out for all the dudes out there by raising awareness about testicular cancer. See, he's not such a jerk after all.

As marketing tie-ins go, this is downright wholesome and could be a life-saver.

Too match-y?

Reddit | Trainrideviews

It's a sign of the times we live in that this sweater is being sold with a matching face mask.

Hey, if you have to wear one, you may as well rest assured that it's going to go with your outfit, right?

Never unwelcome in my bed.

Reddit | mslaw10

I hope the makers of bed sheets are taking notes: this is what the people want. Really, anything that makes fitted sheets a bit easier to corral is cool with me and I know I'm not alone.

Now there's a really big chew.

Reddit | JessLevelsUp

Is it even remotely practical? No.

Will the gumballs at the top be ancient by the time they get dispensed? Most likely.

Do I want one? Absolutely.

Thank you, Carlo's.

Reddit | casualmatch

"I found a cake vending machine," the uploader of this pic wrote. Clearly it was picture-worthy, too. Look at those cakes! Normally I'd be a bit wary of vending machine cakes, but those look delectable.

They went the full yard.

Reddit | Wh__l-_f-F_rtune

Yeah, Snickers bars sold by the yard. Now, I'm not saying that this assault on the pancreas is necessarily good and right but I am in favor of selling things in some novel sizes.

Precious cargo.

Reddit | stayingmellow

Not only is this carrier designed to hold a tasty takeout noodle dish upright so it doesn't slosh and potentially spill everywhere, but it's made of nice, light, recyclable paper, and very little of it.

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