10+ Things From The Past That Are Hilariously Obsolete By Today's Standards

If you have been born in the past decade or so, you probably never heard of these items. But if you're a bit older, I bet you could fondly reminiscence about at least a few of these nostalgic things from the past.

Isn't it amazing how many of them are hilariously obsolete now? Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Shall we?

1. Cassette Tape

Who is old enough to have owned a cassette tape? Sadly, I am ha, ha! In fact, I still have a stack of a few of these ancient things. The art of creating a mixed tape will never escape me.

2. Blockbuster Video

I know this is truly a thing of the past, but I did enjoy walking into Blockbuster Video to browse their VHS or DVD sections. There was something very exciting about discovering that new release that was still available to rent.

3. This Iconic McDonald's Floor

Oh my goodness, does this iconic McDonald's floor bring back many happy memories or what? I probably spent way too much time eating my burgers and fries in settings like these. Those were the days.

4. Watching Pop Up Video

If you were obsessed with watching VH1's Pop Up Video as much as I, don't feel too bad. After all, who could resist learning all those useless, video-related facts that would pop up in the bubbles, huh?

5. Playing 'Donkey Kong'

If you had one of these games in your arsenal, you're beating me in this game. And on top of it, you get major brownie points if you played it on your vintage Atari. Oh, my. It's a gem.

6. Vintage Floppy Disks

Speaking of very old things, I've never actually held one of these huge floppy disks. I did, however, write a screenplay on the regular small floppy disk. I still have it somewhere buried in my garage, ha, ha!

7. This Odd Wall Accessory

I have to admit when I first saw a TV commercial for the "Big Mouth Billy Bass," I had to scratch my head. Who would ever buy this and mount it on their wall? I still don't quite know.

8. Lucky Rabbit's Foot Keychain

Why did the rabbit's foot become the "it" accessory of the day? I still don't understand, but you better believe it, I had one of these babies on my keychain, hee, hee. Sorry, rabbits — I blame the trends.

9. Rotary Phone

OMG, I pretty much spent my childhood on one of these things. If you don't know what this object is — it's an old rotary phone, hee, hee. Somehow I still can recall long conversations I had with my friends.

10. 10-Foot Phone Cords

Speaking of old rotary phones, did yours also have a 10-foot cord that you could wrap all-around yourself? I bet our parents loved seeing us do that back in the day, eh? Mine were pretty annoyed by it.

11. These CD Wallets

See, back in the day, this is how your music traveled with you when you went on vacation. You had all your CDs neatly organized in one of these CD wallets. Heck, it was the thing to do back then.

12. Searching For Books This Way

I have to admit I don't frequent libraries anymore, thanks to the internet. However, I do recall searching for book titles through a card catalog like this one before libraries got computers. It was slow and tedious.

13. Entertainment System Cabinet

Anyone who's ever owned an impressive entertainment system had one of these cabinets. I'm guilty as charged! I mean, when you've got these pieces of equipment, you better show it off. Am I right? Why not?

14. McDonald's Ash Tray

This is definitely a sign that things have changed big-time. If you're old enough to remember, there was a time when smoking was permitted in restaurants, including McDonald's. Nowadays, very few restaurants allow it since we know more about the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke.

So do any of these bring back some special memories for you too?

I can't believe time flies so fast that these are now considered virtually obsolete. However, I do miss a least a few of these. How about you?

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