Man Tells Wife And Kids He Needs '100% Silence' While Working From Home

In today's COVID-19 reality, it can be really hard to maintain a professional career when it seems that everyone is working from home. Working from home has it perks, of course ( like being able to work in sweatpants). However, when you live with other people or have kids, it can be a real struggle.

Many times, parents who are working find it hard to get some peace and quiet at home.

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When you have kids at home, it's hard to get quiet time in the house when you need to make calls for work or even hop on a video conference.

When you have your spouse there to help watch the kids, it can be a bit easier.

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But, that's not always the case. It's hard to expect our significant other to take care of everything related to the house and kids while we're working.

Recently, one dad wrote into Reddit for some advice about his work from home situation.

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The husband started off the post saying that he needs "100% silence" to work and wonders if he's wrong for needing that from his wife and kids.

The husband explained that he "doesn't have a home office."

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“I need silence to work and I don’t have a home office. It has been slowly pissing me off because I am working hours and I hear noises such as my wife talking, watching tv kids playing from the other room," he wrote in the post.

However, apparently, his wife and kids are not "totally quiet."

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"I have been VERY patient with them telling more than once that I need 100% silence to focus but even if they are trying to be 'quiet' I still hear some noises (kids, walking around, making food, cleaning etc.)," he wrote.

Angry that his wife and kids were living their life in their home, the husband snapped at his wife.

"I got fed up with it and told my wife off, I’m the one working in this family and paying for everything. The least they can give me is peace and quiet while I do my job. My wife is a stay at home mom and it’s her job to be silent and shut the kids up," he added.

Now, he doesn't quite understand why his wife is mad at him.

"My wife is angry at me and refuses to back down. The worst part? She claimed that I don’t appreciate her. Honestly, AITA?? I work very hard and I feel like I deserve to have my feelings considered," he posed to Reddit.

Collectively, everyone on the Reddit thread said this man is a total and complete asshole.

"You sound like you don’t appreciate your wife at all. Remember that you get breaks [from] your paid work; your wife gets none from her unpaid work. What kind of [asshole] expects complete silence from toddlers? Why can’t you invest in noise-canceling headphones?" one person asked.

Some people reminded this husband that being a dad is also a job.

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"They're toddlers. They're going to make noise, no matter how hard your wife tries. And you expect her to be silent also while trying to accomplish this magical feat? Double YTA.

You have two jobs - one of them is being a parent. So yep, when you're not doing your other job, that's when parenting comes into play. It doesn't sound like you appreciate her at all," they said.

What do you think? Was this husband and father way out of line?

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