10+ '90s TV Shows That We All Forgot About (And It's Better That Way)

The '90s was a golden decade of television. It gave us so many iconic shows, such as Friends, Seinfeld, and The Nanny.

But, unfortunately, it also gave us some duds. This has made them easy to forget.

Well, get ready to change all that with this list of 10+ '90s TV shows that we all forgot about.

*Caroline In The City*


You may have heard about Sex and the City, but Caroline in the City? Not so much. The show centered around an illustrator who works in New York City.

But since it wasn't all that funny or original, it didn't stand out.

*Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place*


Not even Ryan Reynolds could make this sitcom memorable. It failed to outshine Friends, which featured the same concept: friends hanging out.

But instead of Central Perk, they liked a pizza place.

*Harry And The Hendersons*

Since the movie the show was based on didn't get good reviews, that should have been a sign that the TV version wouldn't do much better.

It followed a family who adopted Bigfoot after finding him on a camping trip.

*Uncle Buck*


While the movie version of Uncle Buck was beloved, the same couldn't be said about the TV version.

It featured a similar plot: a clueless uncle who has to take care of his nieces and nephews.

*Ned And Stacey*


Will & Grace wasn't the only sitcom Debra Messing starred in.

She also starred in a rather sexist sitcom where she played a married woman who got married just so she could live in an apartment.

*Dharma & Greg*


When you think of sitcoms about marriage, ones like Married with Children come to mind.

Dharma & Greg, on the other hand, failed to be memorable. It centered around a hippie yoga teacher and lawyer being together.

*The Simple Life*

Before Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made this title famous, there was this 1998 sitcom that saw Sara (Judith Light) relocate to a farm.

But since the storyline wasn't funny, only seven episodes were aired.

*Saved By The Bell: The New Class*

Spinoffs don't always pay off. While it followed closely with the original show, it featured a new cast each season.

The only familiar faces were Mr. Belding and Screech. But with Saved by the Bell being so iconic, no wonder this show was forgetable.

*Two of a Kind*

When it comes to Mary-Kate and Ashley's TV shows, the one that stood out the most was Full House.

Two of a Kind, which revolved around them being twins, failed to achieve the same kind of success as their many movies.

*Sweet Valley High*


Remember those books by author Francine Pascal? Well, there was this TV show that was based on the books.

But sadly, a lot of fans found that watching the twins navigate high school didn't live up to being as good as the books.

*Veronica's Closet*


This show, which starred Kristie Alley, revolved around her character, Ronnie, owning a lingerie store.

Since it was created by the same people who created Friends, there was a lot of hype around this show. But since things got dull pretty fast, it was canceled after three seasons.



While this sitcom had big names —Jenna Elfman, Molly Ringwald, and Lauren Graham — it wasn't enough to make the show interesting.

It had a familiar plot to other shows: friends working at a restaurant.


[Warner Bros.]https://deadline.com/2019/10/clueless-drama-series-reboot-mystery-twist-cbs-tv-studios-interest-the-cw-streamers-1202762244/)

No, not the movie. This is the TV show that came after it! While a lot of the original cast reprised their roles, Alicia Silverstone didn't return as Cher.

Due to low ratings, the show only lasted a few seasons.

*Step By Step*


If you wanted a modern-day Brady Bunch, this show was supposed to be it. Starring Suzanne Sommers and Patrick Duffy, it revolved around a blended family.

But it failed to recreate the same kind of magic as the original.


Before Jenny McCarthy became a co-host on The View, she had her own sitcom.

The storyline, though, just wasn't interesting. Her character went from rags to riches after her late actor father passed away. The show was canceled after one season.

*Baywatch Nights*

There is a good chance you've blocked this horrible spinoff out. The crime drama centered around a detective agency.

But with storylines of them investigating things like sea monsters, things quickly got weird.

*Suddenly Susan*


Starring Brook Shields, this show featured the fall-out of her character leaving her fiancé at the altar.

From there, she had to survive being single and even wrote a column about it. But beyond that, it wasn't spectacular.

*Ferris Bueller*


This was another movie-turned-TV series that failed to dominate the ratings.

While we love seeing a young Jennifer Aniston, we don't like that the show deviated from the movie's plot so much. They only referenced it once!

*The Ben Stiller Show*

You know him from Meet the Parents and Zoolander. But way before this, the actor had his own show.

If you like Ben's humor, you might like it. But since his humor isn't for everyone, a lot of the jokes and sketches fell flat.

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