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15+ People Who Have No Luck But Bad Luck

You know, we all have bad days. Sometimes things just don't seem to go our ways. The cats knock over your coffee cup, your car won't start, you forget your lunch at home — it happens to the best of us.

But there's bad day stuff and then there's just rotten luck, like these folks had. As the saying goes, if it wasn't for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.

So close to a good day.

Reddit | kvoyhacer

"My new laptop was delivered!" the uploader of this pic explained. "But, that's not my house." Well, that's a slight problem.

Here's hoping they were able to sort it out without too much trouble.

"Told my girlfriend to use the last piece of film we had with us to get a picture of me in front of some mountains."

Reddit | JasonLDB

I am old enough to remember film cameras and to have received a few prints like these in the past.

The switch to digital was great for this reason alone — and this sucks even more because film is so much more scarce these days.

A double whammy.

Reddit | ItsYaBoiDatBoi

"Just found out [I'm] allergic to the brace I need to wear for the next 2 months," the uploader of this pic wrote. As if those things don't cause enough of an itch by themselves, amirite?

"My first 4K tv arrived a day early! Looks so much better than 1080p."

Reddit | Edban

Well, it sure is a different picture. But that much damage sure makes you wonder what sort of games the warehouse and delivery people played with this set.

Like dodgeball, perhaps, or axe throwing practice, or maybe they spiked it like a volleyball.

One fallen soldier.

Reddit | kepper104

I don't even want to imagine the struggle that must have led to someone having to leave a nail behind after getting it stuck in an elevator button. That can't have been comfortable.

Ought to be a crime.

Reddit | MichelleS2323

"Stole one of these candies from my kid’s Christmas stash, learned the hard way they’re actually individually wrapped soaps," the uploader of this pic wrote.

Can't blame them either, I probably would have thought it was some kind of candy too.

That's a new one.

Reddit | joecooool418

Most kids just get gum stuck in their hair, which is bad enough. This poor kid has an entire freaking RC helicopter tangled in her hair.

Don't think there's a good home remedy for that apart from a pair of scissors and a few boxes of tissues for the tears.

That was an expensive eight minutes.

Reddit | K0NGO

It's unknown what caused this Mercedes AMG to catch fire and it wasn't burning for long, but the damage is clearly done.

You have to wonder if insurance will pay for a replacement because I don't think it's fixable.

The downside to those "30 minutes or it's free" policies.

Reddit | zzonkmiles

Who knew pizza could arrive with some assembly required? Mind you, it's hard to say whether this travesty is 100% the delivery guy's fault.

I mean, it looks so hastily tossed in a box, as well as scorched, it could have been a desperate salvage job from the get-go.

"Was so excited for the Whisky I’d been saving for New Years."

Reddit | kurofresh

You wouldn't want cork in it even if it was Irish whisky, so it would be an almost surgical process to try to free the spirits from this bottle now. Such a shame.

When you don't know your own strength.

Reddit | bowstring0924

Well, I guess it could have been worse — if this person had stabbed through the bottom of the drink while it was in their lap, right before a job interview, perhaps.

As it is, that'll be a royal pain to deal with.

Speaking of which...

Reddit | TheAnonymousDoom

"Just slipped on ice and tore my favourite jeans," the uploader wrote. "Now I gotta go a whole shift at work with my bright orange boxers on show."

Okay, it's not precisely a spilled drink in the lap or a job interview, but it's still mighty uncomfortable.

"Someone stole my nuts."

Reddit | hardtail_maniac

It's not just the inconvenience to this cyclist, but the rudeness of a theft like that.

And even if the nuts were just installed poorly and worked themselves out, it's still a bummer, especially considering the thing was five days old.

Now that's a bad hair day.

Reddit | manitobakid

"Tried to buzzcut my hair because all the barbers were closed, clipper called it quits halfway through," the uploader of this pic explained. "4 days until my Amazon one arrives."

I tell you, some days it's not so bad being bald.


Reddit | aerlindyl

"The cake I spent 1h to make. At least [I'm] sure it's not too dry," the uploader described.

And, sadly, it all went wrong before it could even go in the oven because the uploader "put in the bottom the wrong way round, picked the pan up and the bottom fell out."


Sometimes the window opens itself.

Reddit | MoPhunk60

Or rather, the snowplow opens it the hard way. How fast does the thing have to be going to cause damage like this?

Life in a snowy climate can't always be a winter wonderland.

Adding injury to insult.

Reddit | Rare_Chicken

"Instead of my Christmas gift, amazon delivered me an industrial supply of single ply toilet paper," the uploader of this pic wrote.

Single ply, too? Come on, Amazon, you didn't have to do them like that.

"When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office."

Reddit | Kjakan

Hmmm, seems like the forecast calls for a big clean-up. But at the very least, something tells me they won't make that mistake again for a long, long time.

Would love to hear the call on this one.

Reddit | BlueHarvestJ

"Uh, we're gonna need another excavator to excavate the excavator."

Talk about awkward, amirite? Apparently, it sat there for a couple of weeks waiting for the soil to dry out, and then one day, it was just gone. Wish I'd seen how they removed this beast!

"Anyone missing a hitch?"

Reddit | aldidog

How does that even happen? Trailer hitches are supposed to be pretty securely attached, right?

And even considering that, they're well below bumper level, so to end up in someone's windshield is basically destiny.

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