Keep Babies' Toes Toasty With Magical Crochet Dragon Scale Booties

Question: Is there anything in this world cuter than a pair of baby shoes?

Answer: No.

Combine the adorableness of baby booties, the handmade magic of knitting, and dragons, and what have you got? The cutest possible pair of shoes in the world, of course.

I may cry.

It's just that baby shoes are so small, you know? They're so tiny and so perfect, and I want to buy 10 pairs of these. The rainbow ones have me melting!

They're made by Bumble Bee Designs on Etsy.

They have a number of different dragon-scale designs available, including these cute green ones! Each pair is made for babies 6-12 months, and are made to stay on, no matter what!

Each pair is made with a special technique.

It's called a crocodile stitch, and it's gorgeous!

Bumble Bee Designs has some happy customers, with tons of 5-star ratings praising how cute and comfy the baby booties are.

You can get your own pair on their Etsy!

Each pair is available for $28, but you have to be quick — they sell out fast!

Which pair are you going to pick? I have a niece on the way, and I'm totally going for the pastel rainbows above!

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