Valerie Bertinelli Tears Up In Emotional Interview After Eddie Van Halen's Death: 'It's Been Rough'

It's always difficult to lose a loved one, but being able to spend time with your family in the wake of their passing can help ease the burden.

Celebrity chef and actress Valerie Bertinelli opens up about how she and her son Wolfgang have been coping with the loss of her ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen, together in a new interview on The Today Show.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen were married for over 20 year and had a son, Wolfgang, together.

Though they divorced in 2007, the two remained close friends, and Valerie wasn't shy about sharing her grief after Eddie's tragic death in October of last year.

In a new interview, Valerie opened up to The Today Show about the grieving process.

"You've been in our heart, we've been thinking about you, we've been thinking about your son Wolfie,"

"We just wonder how you're doing in this moment,"

"It's so good to see you guys too," Valerie said before immediately tearing up, adding. "It's been rough, very bittersweet."

"It's hard," Valerie added.

"I've gone to text him a few dozen times," Valerie went on. "Then it's like, oh, no, I can't text him right now."

Speaking of Wolfie she said, "We spent the holidays together, I'm seeing him later today."

"We've been spending a lot of time together," she added.

We're so happy to hear that Wolfie and Valerie are able to be together during this super difficult time!

You can watch the interview for yourself right here.