Make A Bouquet That Will Never Wilt With Lego's New Botanical Kits For Adults

What can't Lego make?

From art pieces to toys, Lego is one of the most versatile mediums for kids_ and_ adults! Now, they've released a new kit designed with home decor in mind, and plant lovers are going to love it.

Check out the Botanical collection!

How cute and retro are these?

There are two parts to what Lego is calling the Botanical Collection: a gorgeous bouquet like the one pictured above, and some Bonsai trees!

The bouquet set comes with a whopping 756 pieces.

It's recommended for ages 18+, thanks to all the tiny bits! For $50, you can combine the stems and flowers into your own, customized bouquet you can proudly show off for years to come.

The second part of the Botanical collection features Bonsais.

You can choose from a traditional Bonsai with its gorgeous green leaves, or you can opt for some bright, pastel cherry blossoms for a pop of color in your home.

The Bonsai kit comes with 878 pieces.

Including a build-your-own planter and platform for your Bonsai!

You can pick up the Bonsai kit for $50 on Lego's website. It's going to look SO cute in your home!