10+ Movies People Think Are 'Trashy' But Are Actually A Whole Lot Of Fun

Not all movies are going to be Oscar-worthy or high art, and while we love deep, insightful films, there's nothing wrong with a good, silly time.

We all have our guilty-pleasure movies, and there is a space for "trashy" films that just let us relax and have fun.

Here are 10+ "bad" movies that people actually think are a whole lot of fun.


There isn't much groundbreaking or super original about this series, but if you love vampires, it's still a heck of a time.

Who doesn't love to see Kate Beckinsale as a gorgeous vampire who hunts down werewolves but then gets turned into one herself?


This scary movie has a star-studded cast that includes Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube.

It's about a giant snake trying to kill everyone, and yes, it's pretty bad. However, it's also totally campy and ridiculous in a way that makes it enjoyable to watch.

*Birds of Prey*

Birds of Prey isn't even considered a bad movie, and it's actually one of the better DC films out there.

However, it was definitely overrated, and it's "trashy" in all the right ways. Harley Quinn really shines here, and it showed that women can be kind of gross and irreverent in a way that was refreshing to see.

*Bee Movie*

This is a movie that gets talked about on the internet all the time because it's just so strange.

The concept of a human woman falling in love with a bee man will never not be funny, but it's still not as bad of a movie as you might think.

*Mamma Mia!*

While the sequel is generally considered to be better and with higher-quality music, the original movie is also a fun, endearing romp.

Sure, the songs aren't Broadway quality and it's really campy, but this is precisely why it's such a great time.


Sharknado took the internet by storm because the premise was just so outlandish.

The idea of a cyclone filled with sharks is so silly, but this fact makes this film so hilariously bad in a way that's too fun to resist.

*The Fast and the Furious*

While this franchise isn't going to be considered art any time soon, it doesn't mean these films aren't an exciting thrill ride.

With so many sequels, this high-octane series appeals to people who love cars. While they might not be everyone's thing, they are very well-loved.

*Never Been Kissed*

There are definitely some problematic things about this movie, but if you ignore them, it's an enjoyable escape.

The idea of wanting to go back to high school to try and create a better experience is something a lot of people can relate to.

*Pacific Rim*

Not all action movies need to be amazing to be fun to watch.

Pacific Rim combines giant monsters with giant robots in a totally ridiculous but super watchable way. In fact, the series has inspired a fairly devoted fan base.

*The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement *

While the original Princess Diaries wasn't quite as silly, the second one goes off the rails a bit but in an enjoyable way.

Yes, the idea that Mia has to be married is a bit archaic, but seeing Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine act alongside one another is totally worth it.

*Last Holiday*

It's pretty much a fact that almost every holiday romantic comedy is going to be cheesy.

However, Last Holiday embraces this element of the genre in a heartwarming way.

The main character, played by Queen Latifah, gets to have the adventure she always dreamed of, and the film is sort of inspiring in its lighthearted way.

*Sex and the City*

While the second movie based on the hit television series has some more problematic elements, the first movie is all the fun and drama that fans loved to see.

Carrie and Big's relationship might be kind of messed up, but fans loved seeing Carrie plan her wedding and all the ridiculousness that came along with that.


Sure, Venom isn't even close to being a good movie based on a comic book but that's kind of why it rocks.

It leans into the inherently weird nature of the comic story it's based on, and it doesn't try to take itself super seriously.


A lot of romantic comedies made for teenage girls get a bad reputation, but Clueless is one that is really iconic.

It's so '90s in a way that's fun to re-visit. Plus, the movie is loosely based on Jane Austen's Emma which makes it even more interesting.


No one thinks that the Twilight saga is amazing literature or that the movies are fantastic, but they get more hate than they deserve.

They might be a bit ridiculous, but the movies are fun and hilarious to watch if you just don't worry too much about them being good.