Motherhood Quotes To Enjoy During Brief Moments Of Peace And Quiet

I know they don't come around very often, but once in a while mothers find themselves inexplicably blessed with a few brief moments of peace and, dare I say, even quiet.

So why not take advantage of those moments and fill them with some hilarious quotes? There's nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and laughing at quotes that feel so relatable, you're certain they were written about your own suffering.

Oops, I mean, life.

Lazy nights are the best nights.

Picture this: the kids are asleep before 8 PM, and you realize you have enough time to watch not one, but two episodes of Grey's Anatomy before you inevitably fall asleep on the couch holding a half-empty glass of cheap wine.

You just cried a little, didn't you? Same.

No kidding.

At least they didn't walk into your room, throw up in your doorway, and then announce to you that they just threw up, in case you hadn't noticed.

Love it when our kids go through that miserable "Caption Obvious" phase.

Where's Gordon Ramsay to shout at them when you need him?

"Hell's Kitchen" is also my kitchen after my husband decides he's going to "help out" by making dinner for everyone, which really means he's going to throw a bunch of stuff in the microwave and then leave all the dishes, leftover ingredients, and stuck-on spills out for me to deal with.

Pure bliss.

And by "children", I also mean my husband, because there's nothing quite like a stress-free, wine-fueled night of peace carved out just for momma.

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