Quotes About Husbands They Probably Won't Find Very Funny, But We Sure Do

Hey everyone, it's that time of the week again; the time where we gather together to enjoy some hilarious quotes about husbands that not only make us laugh, but help make us feel better about the problematic men in our lives.

Look, we love our fellas. But sometimes we need to feel like we're not the only ones dealing with the same utter nonsense every single day. And that's what these quotes are for!

So for all you spouses out there, get ready to chuckle, snort, and maybe even cackle at some excellent quotes!

This must be where the term "evil genius" comes from.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

While he's taking the dishwasher apart, grumbling and spitting about how he can't figure out "what's wrong with the stupid thing", you can sit at the breakfast table with some coffee, remarking that it's "so strange it's leaking like that" while you secretly smile into your mug.

I should just start calling him Tim "the tool man" Taylor.

While I'm sure you could definitely build me that very same wall unit and also a backyard grill, maybe you should focus on smaller, more achievable improvement goals first.

Like finally changing the dead lightbulb in the bathroom, or taking the Christmas tree downstairs for me.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you...*our hero*.

Does anyone know if there's a trophy shop open right now? I need to see if they'll have enough time to engrave a trophy for me to present to him at celebratory feast we'll be holding following the parade.

That's what he gets for trying to clear the driveway for our family.

Look, at 6 AM we're not all reasonable thinkers, alright? Yes, it was nice of him to go out and do that.

But it's also Saturday morning and mamma needed a bit more sleep and why couldn't it have waited until 8 AM, Jeremy??

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