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Chonky Cat's 'Sanitary Trim' Reveals A Round, Pink Bum That Has Everyone Laughing

Despite our best intentions, some pets end up fat. Maybe they're lazy fluffs who don't get enough exercise or they have a health issue that makes the pounds pile on. Or maybe their humans just give into the cute too much in the form of treats.

Whatever the reason, it's not uncommon for a beloved pet to need to go on a diet.

Peaches the shelter cat was adopted by a loving elderly couple who indulged her a bit too much.

When circumstances changed for the couple, their son and his wife Chrissy took Peaches into their home. They would love her too, but decided that a diet was in order.

In fact, Peaches was so round that she could no longer clean those hard-to-reach places, which made things uncomfortable for both her and her humans.

During a routine check-up, the vet recommended a "sanitary cut" to relieve Peaches' discomfort until she lost more weight.

Chrissy agreed, but didn't quite understand the full extent of the "trim."

When Peaches returned...well, her name had a whole new meaning!

Look at that pink booty! 🍑🍑

But(t) while the humans were mildly scandalized, Peaches seemed much more comfortable.

"I burst out laughing once I saw her big pink booty," Chrissy told The Dodo. "I was pretty shocked but couldn't help but laugh."

Most importantly, Peaches was far more comfortable and willing to move around.

This makes the exercise part of her diet regimen far easier and she's already lost weight in the time it took for her booty to grow its fur back.

It remains to be seen whether she's lost enough to clean herself yet, or if Peaches' peach will need another shave.

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h/t: The Dodo

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