Quotes For When Your Case Of The Mondays Lasts All The Way To Friday

For the first time, my younger sister has a full-time job. This means that instead of shifts scattered throughout the week with a different combination of coworkers each time, she's working the same hours Monday through Friday with the same people.

As the older sister who has been in the 9-to-5 office world for more than a decade now, I am finding it hilarious to watch her come to a very sudden realization.

That media like *The Office* or *Office Space* are barely stretching the truth for comedy.

Seriously, part of why I never clicked with The Office was that the cringe comedy was too real to laugh at. It just made me anxious with its heightened familiarity.

Workplaces are weird because on one hand, they are "professional" environments and everyone is supposedly on their best behavior.

On the other hand, you spend so much time with the same people that they become like a quasi-family.

Except that it's the type of dysfunctional, passive aggressive family where everyone is vying for the attention of the head of the household so that they can get a bigger allowance.

All the while feigning shock and sadness when Martha from Accounting is outed as the person who took more than her share of Jim's Costco birthday cake.

Even though they're secretly the one who has been helping themselves to Jim's lunch everyday.

So yeah, every time my sister expresses shock at the idea that someone in her workplace "could possibly do such a thing," I can't help but snicker.

And then give her advice on how to be passive aggressive in retaliation, obviously.

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