Oreo Is Launching Gluten-Free Cookies In 2021 So Everyone Can Dunk Together

While many people love and adore the chocolatey taste of Oreos, not everyone has been able to enjoy them.

Dietary needs, allergies, and health conditions can all sometimes get in the way of us enjoying some of our favorite treats, and maybe even prevent us from trying a few new ones.

Thankfully, for those in need of gluten-free goodies, Oreo's got you. That's right, the new gluten-free Oreos are launching in 2021. There's nothing stopping our favorite dunkable cookies now.

Oreo reminds us that deliciousness comes in many different forms.

These gluten-free options will be available starting in January 2021, just in time for people to add getting a pack of these babies to their New Year's resolution lists.

These gluten-free options are still made with real cocoa and, unlike other gluten-free options, aren't priced higher than the original formula.

These gluten-free Oreos are here to stay.

The celiac-friendly snacks will be available in both traditional and Double Stuf options. Unlike Oreo's seasonal flavors that sometimes disappear from the shelves before buyers have a chance to enjoy them, these gluten-free cookies don't seem to being going anywhere.

Plus, they'll be available wherever you'd usually find the original Oreos, so basically everywhere.

Hopefully this leads to more gluten-free Oreo options.

Over the years, Oreo has come out with a large array of cookie flavors to choose from.

From the Red Velvet to the Candy Corn and many more, there seems to be an Oreo flavor for every occasion.

Hopefully, this means there will be gluten-free versions for every flavor in the future too.

Get ready for an Oreo overload.

It's about time for people with gluten-free diets to experience the uniquely satisfying experience that it is to take down a box of these bad boys in one sitting.

It's pretty much the initiation process for any and all aspiring Oreo fans, plus there's the joy of dunking them in your favorite milk for the first time.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these gluten-free Oreos and if you're going to add them to your shopping list this year.

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