Woman Saves Up All Of Her Dog's Excess Fluff To Make A Cozy Pair Of Boots

Many pet owners love snuggling up to their furry friend's cuddly and soft fur.

However, many of us would seldom think of the idea of using our dog's excess fluff for a project, let alone to make a pair of stylish boots.

But one woman has done just that, and has totally blown us away with her unusual creation of warm furry boots made out of her Samoyed dog's extra fur. Now, this could be one very hairy situation.

This is one fittingly fluffy idea.

Meet Nimbus, the pupper behind the magic of the boots. She's got plenty of fur and isn't stingy about sharing the extras she doesn't need anymore.

Numbus' owner, Soleil Pond, began gathering her dog's fur to create a keepsake for her doggie.

Over time, what started as a little fur quickly added up to quite a lot of fur. So Pond came up with the perfect crafting project to celebrate her pretty pooch.

These boots were made for walking.

The fur was passed off to Pond's friend who expertly created the furry footwear. Each boot took her 24 hours to complete, so 48 hours of labor for both to be fashioned.

After so much care and time, Pond's fabulous Nimbus boots were assembled.

According to this dog mom's Facebook post, the Nimbus boots allow "resistance to cold damage" and help wearers "tolerate temperatures as low as -40°F."

Now that's cozy!

Maybe Pond is on to a new trend.

Pond's boots aren't just creative, they're also quite endearing.

We suspect that more pet owners may be encouraged to follow in her step and make a practical yet adorable item, inspired by their precious pups.

Nimbus may not be the only dog in line to donate some fluff with a lotta luff.

While we love our sweet dogs, we don't always enjoy how much they shed. Yet, Pond has given us a pretty nifty idea on how to turn some fur loss into some boot gain.

From boots to socks, and whatever else can be made, our love for pups is always inspiring some adorable ideas.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plan on making something out of the excess fluff from your pupper.

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