10+ Movie Wedding Dresses That Were Unusual But Unique

When it comes to selecting a wedding dress, I'm of the mindset that fortune tends to favor the bold. It's why I love movie weddings; the dresses are always stunners.

That's why I thought it might be fun to have a look at some of cinema's most memorable gowns. Check out these 10+ movie wedding dresses that were unusual but undeniably unique!

Paige's little pink number in *The Vow*.

I never understood the concept of a trailing gown, especially for an outdoor wedding. What happens if it rains the night before, do you really want to be tracking mud across the dance floor?

I much prefer Paige's thigh-high pink tutu.

Mia made sleeves look sexy in *The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement*.

I feel like sleeves are a pretty divisive topic among brides: you either love them or hate them.

Personally, I kind of like Mia's white lace. It's a marriage of classical elegance with new-age fashion sense.

Katniss' dress is living art in *The Hunger Games: Catching Fire*.

Now that's something to behold. It isn't often you see a garment that functions as both a dress and an interpretive art piece, all at once.

I don't hate it, I just don't understand the silver statue jutting out over her left shoulder.

Allie's illusive neckline would've been the talk of the town in *The Notebook*.

I'm not normally a fan of veils (if you hadn't already guessed) but even I have to admit that Allie makes it work.

The allure of her invisible neckline is just scandalous enough to cause a stir while still remaining chaste.

A series of unfortunate events in *Bridesmaids*.

I really don't want to get into the gory details of what led to Lillian defecating in her wedding dress in this classic scene from Bridesmaids.

It was probably all for the best, that feather boa wasn't doing her any favors.

Araminta Lee has the Midas touch in *Crazy Rich Asians*.

Whenever I look at Araminta Lee, all I can think about is Austin Powers in Goldmember. Come on, say it with me now: "I love gold!"

Some might say that gold is a little ostentatious, but for Araminta, I think it works.

Juliet's dress in *Love Actually* is an ode to the roaring 20s.

I love Keira Knightley and I think she's beautiful in every sense of the word. But there isn't a woman alive who could make that dress look good.

What is it with all the feathers? She looks like a chicken!

Sophie was channeling the Oracle of Delphi in *Mamma Mia*.

Sophie's dress is beautiful. She looks as if she walked right off the canvas of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus."

The subtle combination of simplistic beauty with regal elegance give this dress a timeless look and appeal.

Daisy Buchannan looks dashing in *The Great Gatsby*.

There's a couple of things that I plan to campaign hard for at my own wedding. My first order will be to bring back white bow ties for all the groomsmen.

The second will be for all the bridesmaids to wear headbands. It's a losing battle, but still I'll try.

Melanie the mermaid in *Sweet Home Alabama*.

I don't have any qualms whatsoever with Reese's dress. As a matter of fact, I think it's absolutely stunning.

What I don't understand is the fishnet veil. Wouldn't it be the most distracting thing in the world?

A dress by any other name in *Rome + Juliet*.

This photograph is an ode to some of the more telling aspects of '90s fashion.

Is it just me or does Claire Danes look like she's wearing a vest that woke up one day and said "I think I'll try my hand at being a wedding gown today!"

Carrie looks like a princess in *Sex And The City*.

Carrie is freaking perfect, so of course, anything and everything she wears is going to adhere to that same standard of excellence.

Is she going to her wedding or the Academy Awards? I honestly wasn't sure.

Giselle makes a good Gwendolyn in *Enchanted*.

Amy Adams certainly looks the part of a Fairy Godmother. Her puffy sleeves resemble two pillowing clouds dancing in the daylight.

I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the diamond-crusted butterfly, but then again I have a bit of an insect aversion.

A whole lotta lace for Toula in *My Big Fat Greek Wedding*.

Is it just me or does Toula have a slight Bride of Frankenstein aesthetic happening?

That veil is humungous! And the choker of pearls; whose idea was that? I love you, but this one's a hard pass for me.

Annie's dress in *Father Of The Bride* is what dreams are made of.

I can't even look at this picture without tearing up; Annie Banks looks like an angel.

She's made me completely re-think my approach to veils and my overall opinion when it comes to sleeves.