Man's Family Plays Cruel Prank On His Girlfriend But He Insists They Did No Wrong

Let me just start this off by saying that I can appreciate a good prank as much as the next person, as long as I'm not on the wrong side of it.

I know it sounds pretty poor sport of me to hate being the one who gets pranked, but I'm the kind of person who also happens to hate being the center of attention, good or bad. And if that attention comes from also being the butt of a joke, then that's just the perfect recipe for a really bad time.

Why yes, I am incredibly shy and socially anxious. How could you tell?

The threat of being the target of a prank was never such a big problem in my life. That is, before I met my boyfriend.

He comes from a family that is (very unfortunately) full of people who make it their mission to embarrass the newest addition.

Which, as it just so happens, is still me, even after two years.

And if that addition embarrasses really easily...well, *even better*!

That means they're going to try their absolute hardest to make them (me) blush and sputter and wish they (me) hadn't agreed to come to the barbeque.

At this point, I've perfected my good-natured smile, and my "that was so funny" is nearing the point of being almost totally convincing.

But despite how embarrassed I feel from all the teasing, pranking, and uncomfortable comments, I can always find comfort in knowing that they mean absolutely no harm.

Sure, my boyfriend's three uncles love to say things to me from across the dinner table to make my face burn, but I can always count on them to offer me a "please forgive me" hug when we get up for dessert.

It doesn't always totally make up for whatever they did or said, but it's at least enough to put a real, genuine smile on my face.

Plus, it's kinda nice knowing that the family likes me enough to joke around with me, instead of just ignoring me and pretending I don't even exist.

The first time I met all of them, I was treated to a hearty hug from every single family member, and once those were all over and done with, the teasing immediately began.

The combination of the two is like their special little way of saying "welcome to the family."

But let me be clear: the pranks, the jokes, the comments, and the teasing have never crossed a line that made me really and truly upset.

That's the difference between my experience with my partner's family, and the experience this poor girl who featured in a recent Reddit post had with hers.

Unfortunately, the prank they played on her wasn't well-meaning or all in good fun. To be frank, it was just downright cruel.

Her boyfriend took to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole in an attempt to defend his family's actions, and his own reaction to the "prank."

As he explains in the post, his girlfriend is "absolutely beautiful", though he also shared that she does have rather large scar on her face, one which she feels pretty insecure about.

And one which his family apparently has no issue making fun of.

Although he tried to insist that's just their humor, it's something that really upsets his girlfriend, enough to make her not want to spend Christmas with them.

"I told her it was really important to me we spend Christmas with my family, we would all quarantine first and test but it was important to me," he recalled in his post.

Although she resisted initially, his partner finally gave in, but only on the condition that he "absolutely could not excuse their behavior if they made a rude comment about her."

When the family got together to celebrate the holiday, they wasted absolutely no time making the poor girlfriend feel horrible.

The man's mom and girlfriend came out to greet the couple while wearing matching "ugly Christmas sweaters."

But these jumpers weren't ugly because of their pattern or decorations — what made them "ugly" was that they had a photo of the girlfriend's face on them.

The family all got a good laugh out of the cruel prank, and even the girl's boyfriend said he "chuckled" over it.

In his Reddit post, he defended his family's actions by insisting the "joke" was that the sweaters were ironic, since his girlfriend is so beautiful.

Saying they were "ugly" was what was supposed to be so funny.

It should come at absolutely no surprise that she didn't find the sweaters funny at all.

In fact, she was so hurt by her boyfriend's family's actions that she actually left the Christmas dinner right then and there without saying a word to anyone.

"I called her several times, and she didn’t answer," her boyfriend recalled. "The only text I received was 'You need to find your own way home.' That pissed me off, and I called her a couple more times."

After his girlfriend ditched the celebration, the man's family was left scratching their heads, wondering how in the world their hilarious joke didn't go over well.

"My mom [was] upset because it was just a joke and she didn’t realize my girlfriend was going to overreact like that," the man said. "I told her that a warning would have been nice, but my sister agreed it was just a joke and my girlfriend was being a baby about it."

A baby. Really??

Once that disaster of a dinner was done, the man headed home to confront his girlfriend.

Right away, she told her he was an asshole for putting her through that, to which he replied that he didn't actually know his family had an "ugly sweater" prank planned.

"She said I let them treat her badly and was trying to make it her fault when it was my family who was acting badly," he continued. "I said it was just a joke and that she was overreacting."

When she demanded to know how the cruel prank was supposed to be a "joke", he simply replied "that's their sense of humor."

"I said I was sorry she was offended by the joke, but she ruined the whole day with her reaction," the boyfriend recalled in his post. "She said that no, them realizing she wasn’t going to take their bulls*** anymore ruined the day."

In the aftermath of the fight, the boyfriend said they aren't talking anymore, but a recent conversation with his cousin has been eating away at him.

During that conversation, he told his cousin the "ugly Christmas sweater" story, to which his relative replied that he's a total "asshole" for doing that to his poor girlfriend, especially considering her facial scar.

"I don’t really think I’ve done anything though, I didn’t know they were going to do that, and really it was just a joke and I think she’s overreacting, am I really [the asshole] here?"

The people of Reddit have spoken, and they have firmly declared that this man is most definitely an asshole.

In fact, many said he's a "massive asshole", perhaps the biggest there's ever been.

"You might think your gf is beautiful, but I guarantee you that when she looks in the mirror, she doesn't see beauty, she sees a defacing scar," this user wrote. "And you ALLOW, and SUPPORT your family in making that the identifying feature of how they see her."

Others were quick to add that not only is the boyfriend the asshole in this situation, his entire family is as well.

"They sound like a bunch of bullies," this person pointed out.

Another added, "One of these groups of people who bully and behave abominably and then get hurt and upset when people ‘don’t get the joke’. OP and has family are horrible people. Hopefully this girl gets as far away from them as possible."

Then there were those who blasted the man for trying to insist it was a harmless joke when he wasn't the target of it.

As this user wrote,

"You absolutely cannot tell someone what does or does not offend them. If she says 'This hurts my feelings,' then it hurts her f***ing feelings REGARDLESS of if you think it should or not. Even if she was completely comfortable in her skin, it’s still disheartening to be singled out and put on an 'ugly' Christmas sweater like that. You should’ve had a talk with your family the first time she brought it up."

Ultimately, the message many people had for the poor girl was this: run.

If this is the way both her her boyfriend and his family are going to treat her, there's absolutely no reason why she should stick around and take it.

"Joke" or not, those people's actions were hurtful and totally indefensible, yet she's appeared to receive zero apology from anyone. Just get out of there while you can, and never look back.

This isn't the only story of a "harmless joke" that wasn't exactly well received by its target.

In this r/AmITheAsshole post, the person admits to letting their friend get a NSFW tattoo, a surprise which did not go over very well when the friend realized just what had been inked onto their body.

Well, perhaps I should clarifythey were the one who designed the tattoo for their unsuspecting pal, who had no idea it was so dirty.

As the person explained, their friend came to them asking if they would design a tattoo for her.

"She gave me some general ideas but largely left the creative liberties to me," they recalled in their post. "She emphasized that she wanted to incorporate dice into the final design, which I did, 2 of them side by side."

What this person *didn't* tell their friend was that the dice were displaying an...*inappropriate* number combination.

As they explained, "Just because I have a slightly dirty mind, I thought it’d be funny if I made the outward-facing side of the dice read '6' and '9' respectively, so yes the dice read '69' if you have an eye for that kind of detail."

Once the design was finished, they sent it along to their friend who said she "loved it", and the appointment was scheduled.

However, a short while later the person received quite the furious text message from the friend regarding her fresh ink.

Apparently, she hadn't noticed the dirty die herself. That is, until she came home from her appointment and proudly showed off her new tattoo, only for her dad to point out that she had basically inked "69" onto her body.

Of course, she was furious with her friend, but they insisted she should have looked over the design more closely before she got it permanently inked on herself. However, the incident has firmly divided their friend group with members taking different sides.

So the person wants to know once and for all, were they an asshole for doing that to their friend?

Reddit unanimously decided that yes, they were most certainly an asshole.

"That's immature and also unprofessional," this person pointed out. "Imagine doing that with a piece of work and not even mentioning it. Or to to someone who ISN'T a friend. Also, shouldn't you know her better to know whether she would be okay with that sorta thing?"

Someone else added, "You should've been very clear about incorporating any NSFW ideas in a permanent design. Not everyone has a dirty mind and eye to see little details such as those."

In response to some comments, the original poster hopped in to clarify that they purposefully put "9" on one of the die because normal dices don't go above 6, so they figured their friend would notice right away.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and now their poor friend is stuck with an immature, dirty joke on their body forever.

If nothing else, I think we learned today that "humor" is subjective and if you think someone will find something funny simply because you do, you could very well be wrong, and it could end up having some hurtful, disappointing, or downright devastating effects.

What do you think about these stories of "jokes" gone wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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