Quotes For When You Just Can't Put Off That Deep Clean Any Longer

I'm not sure how to describe my cleaning style, beyond simply "inconsistent."

On one hand, I avoid having too much "stuff." Like, I don't understand the appeal of having special dishes used once a year or anything else with limited use that creates a ton of clutter.

And yet, "cluttered" is the exact word I'd use to describe the current state of my dining and coffee tables.

Maybe my subconscious just understands my clutter tendencies and tries to solve it by simply not having so much stuff in the house in the first place.

Which is fair.

Compared to many people, I keep my home fairly tidy, but I *loath* deep cleaning.

However, there is only so long you can get away with spot-cleaning and disinfecting wipes before one must admit to themselves that the bathtub simply must be scrubbed or that the windows have so much dog slobber on them that they may as well be frosted.

I *know* that putting off these things actually makes the act of scrubbing them even more difficult, but I just don't wanna.

Seriously, if I could afford to have a service come and clean my bathrooms and kitchen regularly, I'd be happy.

Forget travel or fancy dinners or new cars; if I had enough fun money for luxuries, cleaning services would be my first choice of splurge.

But alas, for now I'm stuck doing it myself and hating every minute of it.

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