Man Tells Expectant Wife They're 'Both Pregnant' Because He Does So Much Work

Every pregnancy has its own unique challenges, with each one testing the relationships of those planning to raise the baby on the way.

While some frustration is expected, for some, the process isn't as smooth as many people would like.

Pregnancy presents major life changes before the baby even arrives.

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When a woman is going through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, it can be difficult to cope. Especially when not everyone is on board with some of her new needs as a soon-to-be mother.

While parents are a team, only one person gives birth.

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And while it is a celebration for each parent to expect a new bundle of joy, the one that's giving birth has additional challenges when it comes to their well-being.

Between classic romantic comedies and television portrayals, pregnant moms are often depicted as being sick, demanding and extremely emotional, while future fathers bend over backwards trying to help them.

However, media portrayals often fail to reflect the real story that exists for many expectant parents.

One husband felt like his pregnant wife was asking for too much.

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The impending dad-to-be took to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole to admit he feels like his wife is a "complete nightmare" whenever she becomes pregnant.

After deciding to have their fourth child, this couple was not blissfully awaiting their new bundle of joy.

His wife didn't feel like he was doing enough.

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The expectant mom would often wake up to throw up, and frequently requested her husband to prepare a foot bath to soak her feet in. She wanted him to help her after his long shifts working as a plumber, and he wasn't pleased.

She worked as an engineer, but not as many hours as her husband worked as a plumber, and she would then come home to cook dinner.

While she was cooking dinner one evening, she asked her husband to watch their children, and that was the final straw for this fed-up dad.

This future father may have taken things too far.

When his wife was making meatloaf one evening after work, she called to her husband from another room with a specific request.

What happened next is what led this father to Reddit's popular r/AmITheAsshole page to plead his case, because things got ugly quite quickly after this interaction with his wife.

Things escalated quickly.

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According to this dad-to-be, "my wife screamed at me from the kitchen to get off my ass and entertain our twins so she could focus on her meatloaf. I made a dumb joke about how this is the third meatloaf we'll be eating this week, and she. lost. her. s***."

The situation got even worse.

After this dad's so-called, "dumb joke," his wife had something to say.

As her husband explained online, "She told me how I have no sympathy for the fact that she's pregnant, I should be taking on more of her chores since I can't breastfeed, but then I reminded her that I still work a lot more hours than her, so I think we're basically both pregnant."

As you can imagine, this did not go over well.

This father has pleaded his case.

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After that fight, not only did she stop talking to him, his wife also discovered his Reddit post about her and has suggested they attend couples counseling.

After insisting that the situation isn't his fault, he explained that, "She does all the cooking and dishes, but I do laundry, take out garbage, and mow the lawn," so he has a right to be annoyed with her for being demanding.

The Reddit tribunal has spoken, and the feedback has been extremely passionate, and not in the husband's favor.

One person said, "I'm 9 months pregnant and the 'I think were putting equal work into this baby' comment infuriated me!"

The people have spoken.

This dad seems to be on his own for the most part, as the hundreds of comments were mostly on his wife's side.

One Reddit user wrote, "You want to play video games instead of watch the kids? You're irritated by what your wife is making dinner? You think that things like waking up in the middle of the night because she's puking are analogous to waking up in the night to puke? You're a huge major asshole."

Another Reddit user expressed, "Right?! He wants an hour, imagine how she feels! An hour break from swelling, barring, Hell, she even asked for a break from the other kids so she could cook the family a meal."

Let us know which side you're on in the comments and if you think the situation could have been handled better!

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