10+ Perfectly Performed Movie Scenes That Make Them The Greatest Ever

It takes many elements to create an amazing, iconic movie scene. The writing needs to be great, the set needs to be well-done, and the actor needs to bring the script to life just right.

The skill of actors and actresses can be astounding, and sometimes, things come together in a way where they perform a scene to perfection.

Here are 10+ perfectly acted movie scenes that made them the greatest ever.

Sam's speech about stories in *The Two Towers.*

While The Lord of the Rings might be filled with fantastical creatures and special effects, good casting and acting make the movies engaging.

One of the best scenes is when Sam Gamgee, played by Sean Astin, gives a monologue about stories and the importance of fighting for good in the world.

Meeting the T-Rex on *Jurassic World.*

While the appearance of this mighty dino might be visually impressive, the acting skills of everyone in the scene make the moment feel believable.

Actors such as Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum show just how awe-inspiring but also absolutely terrifying it would be to encounter a tyrannosaurus rex in real life.

"It's not your fault" from _Good Will Hunting._

Both Matt Damon and Robin Williams are perfection in this scene, and it's highly upsetting and beautiful.

When Sean tells Will that the abuse he endured wasn't his fault, it's extremely heart-wrenching, and they both portray the complicated emotions and feelings so well.

"The Titanic will founder" scene.

While most people just remember the love story between Jack and Rose from the Titanic, the scenes surrounding the sinking of the ship are some of the best.

This moment when the Captain learns that the Titanic is absolutely going to sink and as the realization "sinks" in is acted perfectly.

The fight between Lady Bird and her mother.

This mother and daughter relationship is really at the heart of the movie, and it's an accurate portrayal of how complicated this bond can be.

The fight between these two is really well-done, and both of the actresses made this scene realistic and emotional.

When Wilson is lost in *Cast Away*...

Cast Away is a movie that works precisely because of good acting. Robin Williams does amazing in this role in general, but the scene when he loses Wilson is one of the most well-done.

Fans will never forget how well he embodies the pain and desperation.

The messages scene from *Interstellar.*

In this heart-wrenching scene, Matthew McConaughey's character, Cooper, is watching his messages from the past 23 years.

The emotions of this moment are portrayed just right, and you can clearly see the pain and loss that Cooper is going through as he realizes he's missed so much.

This monologue from *Hidden Figures.*

Taraji P. Henson is phenomenal in the role of Katherine Johnson. In this scene, she gives a monologue about the reality of being a Black woman in a world where segregation still exists.

It's super difficult to watch, but Henson delivers these lines perfectly.

The ending scene from *Call Me By Your Name.*

Timothée Chalamet is becoming a well-loved actor and celebrity, but it was his role in Call Me By Your Name that first really put him on the map.

In the final scene, his character, Elio, is by the fireplace as he processes through many emotions. It's a simple but dramatic scene that works because of Chalamet's acting.

The *Midsommar* scene when Dani learns about her family.


There are many intense scenes from this film, and Florence Pugh does a great job bringing a wide array of emotions to life.

One of her best acting moments in the movie is when she discovers what has happened to her parents and sister. She really embodies that grief so well.

The *Hereditary* dinner scene.


Many fans feel like Toni Collette was robbed during awards season because she was so stellar in the role of Annie Graham.

She portrays both her own pain as well as her anger, and it's a very intense moment to watch.

The conversation from *Doubt.*

Viola Davis is amazing in pretty much everything she does, but this scene is still one of her stand-out acting moments.

The dialogue is great, but it's really her acting skills that bring the nuance and the emotion to life. She's not even in the movie that much, but she steals the show.

*The Dark Knight* interrogation scene.

Heath Ledger was phenomenal as The Joker, and he definitely created one the best and most terrifying version of the character.

While there are many well-acted scenes, one of the most iconic is the interrogation scene where he's questioned by Batman.

This iconic scene from *Brokeback Mountain.*

At the time this movie was released, it was quite groundbreaking. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job in their respective roles.

One of the most heart-breaking and well-acted scenes is when Jack, played by Gyllenhaal, emotionally tells Ennis that he wishes he could get over him.

The *Pride and Prejudice* proposal scene.

This is quite a memorable scene, and it's simply because the acting is so good. Both Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen embody the classic Jane Austen characters perfectly.

There is a lot of emotion portrayed on their faces in subtle ways that make the moment compelling.