Twitter Catches Trump Sneaking Nobel Prize He Never Won Into Campaign Video

Although one may infer otherwise from the fact that he often attaches himself to situations and statements that are easy to mock, President Donald Trump does appear to be deeply concerned about his legacy and popularity.

We can see that in the fact that he tends to emphasize the TV ratings of his opponents but it's especially clear in what CNN refers to as his "sir stories." As they explain, this refers to a story the president tells where people supposedly come up to him, call him "sir," and then either heap heavy praise on him or happen to state his exact viewpoint on a political issue.

But while it seems unlikely that most of these "sir stories" happened the way he told them, it's clear exactly how misleading another attempt to shore up his legacy is.

On December 28, Trump tweeted out the following video from his personal account.

As you can see, it's a video that compiles a selection of clips throughout Trump's presidency and presents him as a person who stands for America and its values.

Considering that the video attained over 219,000 likes on Twitter, it's clear that there remain a significant number of people who agree with this imaging.

However, if you were to turn to his tweet's comments, you're not likely to see many replies that express this sentiment.

Because while these two appeared to accept the video at face value, there were many more who noticed a couple of its stranger aspects.

For one thing, some noticed that both the music and the slogan in the video were taken from a 1993 ad by the Beef Industry Council.

In it, some examples of beef dishes and their prep time are shown before the ad closes with "Beef, it's what's for dinner."

Sure enough, Trump's video ends with the similar yet more awkward wording of, "Trump, he's what's for America."

However, the most glaring issue people noticed with the video was the inclusion of a superimposed image of a Nobel Prize.

Considering that this appears soon after a blurb stating that Trump stands for peace, it seems to suggest that the president has a Nobel Peace Prize to his name.

In fact, he doesn't. Instead, this year's Nobel Peace Prize went to the World Food Program.

Nonetheless, that apparently didn't stop whoever made this video for him to slide one into the frame anyway.

And if that wasn't strange enough, it turns out there are multiple reasons why putting the Nobel Prize image where they did doesn't make sense.

As one user pointed out, this isn't even what the Nobel Peace Prize looks like. Instead, the prize they chose to insert is awarded for scientific achievements.

And considering that he publicly speculated on whether injecting disinfectant could serve as a COVID-19 treatment, Trump doesn't seem likely to win that sort of Nobel Prize either.

But while Twitter users found plenty to criticize about what this video appeared to be saying, they were also concerned with what the president wasn't saying.

As one pointed out, Trump had been silent about the fact that a 64-year-old bomber, injured eight people and damaged over 40 buildings during a Christmas Day attack in Nashville, Tennessee.

For another user, the video came off as an attempt to whitewash the true "legacy" of Trump's presidency.

As we can see, this person saw little reason to believe that Trump stands for America in any meaningful way.

And while this rundown has the president leaving a fascinating legacy, it likely doesn't describe how he would like to be remembered.

Finally, one of the people who noticed the way the 1993 beef ad inspired the video shared a slogan of their own.

And while it remains to be seen as to whether Trump will face prison time after he leaves office, AP News has reported on the possibility of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. pursuing charges against the president for misleading tax authorities, among other parties allegedly wronged by his business dealings.

But whether you think Trump stands for a America or is soon to stand trial, it's hard to deny that the Nobel Prize didn't belong in his video.