Jessica Simpson Shows Off 100-Pound Weight Loss In Festive Onesie

While I don't have a lot of great things to say about Hollywood these days, Jessica Simpson deserves to be one of the more talked about celebrities of the early aughts. The 40-year-old has always maintained her wits about her and I just love seeing her sweet family on social media.

I also admire how transparent she is about how not perfect her life has been. Celebrities being more open and honest about how crappy life has been in 2020 is the only trend I'm willing to get behind this year.

Can you believe some people think the 2000s are vintage, or worse — retro! Kids today really need a dictionary. Is there an app for that?

If they think Jessica Simpson is "retro" I would really hate for them to see my forehead wrinkles.

With that being said, there's no denying Jessica has experienced a lot of trauma and heartbreak in her 40 years.

Back in February, Jessica released her memoir, *Open Book*, where she revealed a lot of previously untold stories about her past.

The singer got candid about her issues with body image, substance abuse, and her turbulent Hollywood relationships with Nick Lachey and John Mayer — now those are some names you haven't heard in a while!

The book quickly became a best seller and allowed fans a closer look at the not-so-dumb blonde.

In fact, Jessica is incredibly well-spoken and intelligent and it's so sad she was forced to dumb herself down for so many years.

You know what, I'm starting to think she knew Chicken of the Sea was tuna ALL ALONG!

While Jessica has been private about her personal life, she has also always been open about the pressure she's felt surrounding her body and her image as a pop star and as an actress.

However, it's clear she hasn't let that dumb Hollywood pressure stop her from achieving her own fitness goals.

In her memoir, Jessica opened up about her history with struggling with her weight.

The 40-year-old revealed that in 1997, when she was only 17, she had been flown to New York to meet with Tommy Mottola, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. Tony had told her that he wanted to sign her, but she'd "have to lose 15 pounds."

"I was five-foot-three and weighed 118," Jessica explained.

She then wrote that Tommy told her that that's what it would take for her to become successful.

The incident caused Jessica to begin a strict diet and also to start taking diet pills, which she would remain on for the next 20 years.

Unlike many other celebs, Jessica hasn't hidden the fact that her weight and her self-esteem have fluctuated over the years.

That's why we love to see Jessica feeling so confident in her own skin, regardless of how she looks!

Last year, Jessica shared that she had lost 100 POUNDS after the birth of her third child, daughter Birdie Mae.

"6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240 ) My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for many reasons, but so proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder," Jessica wrote at the time.

Now, if you follow Ms. Simpson on social media, you'll know she loves to share sweet moments with her family on the platform.

And of course, Christmas is one of the most photographed holidays of the year.

If she's anything like me, this is also the only time she's able to snag a picture of the whole family for the entire year!

However, it's not the pics with her family that have been going viral. Oh no, it's this sleek picture of her rocking a Christmas onesie:

"So I thought Eric was taking a photo from the waist up..." Jessica captioned the post.

So you're telling me ths is what she looks like from the waist up? Amidst a global pandemic? I'm impressed! I haven't seen my own waistline in months.

Fans were just happy to see Jessica looking so happy.

"Wish I looked like that with my pants down! No way Jose," wrote one fan.

"Witchcraft! You get prettier the older you get," echoed another.

Good for you, Jessica. Keep being healthy for the rest of us who have no interest in it right now.