Hilaria Baldwin Slams 'Body-Shamers' After Sharing A Selfie 3 Months After Giving Birth

New moms' time is always spread thin. And on the long list of things that they definitely don't have time for is body-shaming from people who don't know them. Every post-partum body is valid, and everyone recovers differently from giving birth.

Hilaria Baldwin is definitely not here for people criticizing her body three months after giving birth to her fifth child.

Hilaria Baldwin is a podcaster, author, and yoga instructor.

She co-created the podcast Mom Brain with Daphne Oz, and also owns four Yoga Vida yoga studios in New York City.

She is also a mother of five.

One quick look at Hilaria's Instagram and you can tell that her kids are her entire world.

She and her husband, Alec Baldwin, have five children together: Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, and their youngest born in September of this year, Eduardo Pau Lucas.

Recently, Hilaria shared a photograph of herself with her three-month-old son to her Instagram.

It very clearly featured her post-baby body, just three months after giving birth.

This isn't something new to Hilaria.

Hilaria pretty much always shares her post-partum pics with her followers.

"Every body is different, but I believe in staying as active as possible. There were so many moments when I didn’t want to work out this pregnancy. Showing up is the most difficult challenge," she captioned this photo from 2018.

Anyway, comedian Amy Schumer shared the photo of Hilaria's most recent selfie to her own page, jokingly claiming that the photograph was of her and her son, Gene.

Unfortunately, the comments on Amy's post were criticizing Hilaria's post-baby body, so Amy deleted the post.

Hilaria addressed the comments on Amy's post in a video on her Instagram.

"I've posted a million photos like that in the past. Didn't think it was going to be a big deal. Ended up being a big deal," Hilaria shared.

"Now, I love jokes. I think it was very funny," she said of Amy resharing the post.

Hilaria said her problem was with the comments which she said were "body shaming."

"If you're doing body inclusivity, that's body inclusivity for all. There's that whole thing of 'oh moms don't look like that.' Some moms do. This mom does. And I am included in the inclusivity."

"I do look a certain way. This is what I look like. I come from smaller people. I have been a fitness person my entire life. There you go. Period, end of story."

"Let's be a little bit kinder, a little bit kinder because everybody is suffering mentally," Hilaria finished.

We couldn't agree more!