15+ Big Surprises That Nature Had In Store For Us All Along

Nature presents so many variables, so many scenes and so many stunning views. If you think you've seen it all, give your head a shake, because nature's barely even gotten started yet.

Besides, I'll bet you haven't seen most of this stuff.

Heavenly necklace.

Reddit | Inazumaryoku

This composite photo shows Saturn and Jupiter as they transit across the sky. On December 21st, 2020 — the winter solstice — they perfectly aligned.


Reddit | READlbetweenl

You already knew that Florida had oppressive humidity, hurricanes, and crocodiles. But now you can add waterspouts to that particular apocalyptic bingo card.


Reddit | Browndog888

Nature photographers work long hours to get the perfect shot. Sometimes, nature evidently decides to prank these hard-working photographers.

Winter in Siberia.

Reddit | HattoriHanzo983

This picture out of Vladivostok, Russia shows exactly what happens when winter digs in for the long haul. That car isn't coming out until spring.

Just a speck.

Reddit | asianslovewhite

That tiny black speck, the one you probably thought was a fleck of crud on your screen, is actually the planet Mercury silhouetted against the sun.

Quite the pitch.

Reddit | mrflyod

When you live in a place like Greenland, you can't help but be surrounded by scenic vistas pretty much all the time — even if you're just heading down to the park for some soccer.

Merry olde England.

Reddit | mrqpa

Much of the British coast is rocky, foggy and inhospitable. But this particular scene from England looks like something out of the Mediterranean.

Rock creature.

Reddit | Syseru

This is what the bottom of a sulcata tortoise's foot looks like. I had no idea tortoises were partially made of spiky rocks.

High Hrothgar.

Reddit | usheikh121

It's amazing that Skyrim still looks so good for a game that's been out for so long...oh, wait, this is a real scene in the Czech Republic.

Trees on trees.

This tall pine tree has a little pine tree buddy sitting on its shoulder. How a tree can take root high up in another tree, I'll never know.

Scandinavian scenes.

Reddit | Yenxiro

The person who snapped this photo of a river flowing through Iceland acknowledges that they're no photographer, but it's a great photo either way.


You know there's real copper in this old crayon because it's slowly turning green. That's a thing that copper does because copper is crazy.

A light dusting.

Reddit | ledgendary

If you live in a cold climate, you've probably woken up to something like this once or twice. This is what it looks like when nearly four feet of snow fall overnight.

Secret entrance.

Reddit | backflipsuicide

There's something about this nighttime image of a park that's downright magical. Maybe it's the fact that it shows a fork in the road, with two wildly different outcomes.

Is that a...fruit?

Reddit | RevMeCar

This perfectly spherical object is actually the skeleton of a sea urchin. As someone who once stepped on a (live) sea urchin, it's a good thing this one is dead.

Shady days.

Reddit | crinnoire

This mama deer and her kids aren't above borrowing a person's umbrella to seek out a little bit of shade on a hot day.

Two for the price of one.

Reddit | goodtwos

Think of the tens of thousands of years of evolution that it took to create this: a dog with a cat silhouette on its back.

A rare sight.

Reddit | Beckers0505

It's pretty special to see a deer in the wild. It's even more special to see not one, but two albino deer doing their thing on a cloudy day.

Not the bees.

Reddit | doesntsmokecrack

This shot might not look like much at first. But look carefully. It's a drone shot as said drone does its best to get away from a swarm of angry bees.


Reddit | h3ih3i

Mushrooms are good are sprouting up quickly, pretty much anywhere. This 'shroom put things to the test by growing on a pine cone, of all things.