Twitter Is Roasting Sean Penn For Looking Like He Just Rolled Out Of Bed For Latest Interview

Look, 2020 has been a hard year for us all. I don't think anyone is doing super great right now, and if someone says they are — they're lying!

While many of us have been working from home since March, it doesn't mean it's gotten any easier. If anything, I'm lacking the motivation to look nice that I had six or seven months ago.

You know who else is about done with looking nice for their Zoom calls? Sean Penn. The actor showed up to his latest interview looking like an '80s rockstar the morning after a big show.

These days, my coworkers are lucky if they see me dressed in anything other than my fleecy pyjama set on our morning Zoom calls.

When it comes to Zoom, I just figured out how to use the bloody thing, and now I'm supposed to dress like I'm meeting the Queen while I'm on it? Hell no!

It's not like I'm a celebrity or something!

You know who is a celebrity, though? Sean Penn! The 60-year-old actor was my biggest celebrity crush back in the day. So when I saw her was trending on Twitter, I had to make sure it wasn't for something BAD!

Turns out, it was because of his INSANE hair during an appearance on MSNBC earlier this week.

His wrinkled t-shirt and seemingly electrocuted hair symbolize this year quite well, l I think.

To be fair, Sean and I are sharing a similar "just rolled out of bed" hairstyle these days. However, the difference with me is I have the courtesy to run a comb through it before my coworkers see me!

People on social media immediately began poking fun at the actor's disheveled 'do.

"Sean Penn looks like A guy who stands outside Walgreens at 3 am asking if he can bum two cigarettes," tweeted one fan.

"Who woke Sean Penn up? Should’ve let that man sleep in," joked another.

It's too bad his appearance was so distracting because he was actually talking about some really amazing philanthropic work he's been doing amidst the pandemic.

The actor was on Morning Joe to discuss his nonprofit, CORE, which is working to provide free COVID-19 tests to people in Los Angeles and across the country.

Isn't that the way it goes in Hollywood, though? All anyone can ever talk about is how celebrities look!

And if anything, Sean should be thanking ME for paving the way for sleepy, disheveled people on Zoom calls everywhere.

You're welcome, world!