'Home Town's Erin Napier Says It's 'Weird And Unnecessary' To Comment On Family Planning

Home Town's Erin Napier knows as much as anyone that being a parent online can be extremely tough. Whether it's having constant judgement rained down on you from haters or whether it's people offering "helpful" advice that you didn't ask for, there's pretty much always something to watch out for in the comments section.

Erin recently spoke out against "vicious" comments she was receiving on a picture of her and her 3-year-old daughter, Helen.

"After posting a photo of the back of my daughter’s head (why do we never show her face? for her privacy and because of vicious strangers who lurk and comment or could seek her out) there were cruel comments within moments. About a three-year-old's hair," Erin wrote.

Recently, Erin has opened up about another type of comment she receives: ones about family planning.

Erin explained that that is always a "delicate conversation," and should be "off-limits" for anyone else to comment on.

"I think it's really weird and unnecessary," Erin said of people commenting. "People saying things like, 'You need to give Helen a sibling,' or 'She doesn't need to be an only child.' "

"I have a lot of dear people close to me who aren't able to have children and want to desperately," Erin went on.

"When things like that are said, it cuts deep. It's not necessarily a problem for us, but I want to be a voice for the people that I love."

We couldn't agree more, and we're glad to see Erin speaking out!

h/t: People