Guy Fieri Shines Light On Struggling Restaurant Workers In New Documentary

King of Flavortown Guy Fieri knows better than anyone how important restaurant staffers are to an amazing dining experience!

Now, more than ever, the restaurant industry needs our help, which is why the 52-year-old is shining a light on struggling restaurant workers in a new documentary airing on the Food Network later this month.

Forget the King of Flavortown, he's officially the king of good deeds!

Guy Fieri has become a pop culture icon in his own right — he's a proper culinary rock star.

Guy is best known for being a staple on The Food Network. Not only is he charismatic and fun on TV, but he's also actually pretty cool in real life, too!

As some of you may know, the 52-year-old has been one of the most prominent celebrities to give back during the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sadly, the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit in 2020. With ever-changing rules and high cost sanitary measures, it can be difficult to keep up.

Since March, Guy has helped raise over $21 MILLION for out-of-work restaurant staffers!


In addition to donating money, Guy has also donated his time, making thousands of meals for frontline workers this past summer.

Imagine getting a hot, hearty meal from the hands of this delightful man? He's the only person that's allowed to have better cooking than me!

Back in May, Guy explained that when the pandemic first hit, he began thinking about his "brothers and sisters in the restaurant business." In partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Guy has launched the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Amidst the fundraising, Guy Fieri worked with the Food Network and some of his culinary colleagues to create *Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line* a documentary aimed at shining a light on the struggles the restaurant industry has faced this past year.

According to Today, the new doc will follow four chefs and business owners who take viewers through the impact of the pandemic in their own words.

Speaking with NBC's Joe Fryer, Guy said, "It was a very trying time to listen to your friends that you love and respect and see them go through this, up and down, that you couldn't do anything about it."

"We will beat these situations and we will prevail through them, unified," he continued. "Divided, we don't. We don't. The efficiency goes down, not by 50%, but exponentially. Unification, supporting one another, tackling issues head-on, resolving them: That's what we need to be doing."

Tune into Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line on the Food Network on Dec. 27 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

h/t: Today.