Quotes For Moms Who Totally Get The Truth About ‘Christmas Miracles’

When you’re a kid, the sheer magic of finding dozens of carefully-wrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas morning is a miracle beyond understanding.

Even if your parents take credit for most of them and Santa only signed a few extra-special presents, the magic is something that burns into your memory and leads you to recreate it for your own kids years later.

Then you’re that adult staring at a coworker’s daily Countdown to Christmas calendar and slowly starting to panic with every day the number ticks down.

And let’s be honest here, it’s mostly moms who are panicking. Many dads are like mine, who wander into the mall on December 23 in search of a gift for Mum and complain about the crowds like it’s not the same every single year.

I love you, Dad, but you’ve really got to stop doing that.

Meanwhile, peer pressure, mommy blogs, and Pinterest have moms scrambling to make the perfect Christmas happen. It needs to be traditional, but not passé; fun, but not tacky; pretty as a picture, but immune to the touch of children’s messy fingers.

The fact that anything ends up under the tree at all is the real Christmas miracle.

Bonus points, moms, if the decor is inexpensive and handmade, but doesn’t look inexpensive and handmade! And don’t forget sustainable!

Basically, I’m just saying that if Mom has something a bit stronger than coffee in her mug Christmas morning, who can blame her?