Simu Liu Slammed For Deleting Tweets Criticizing Co-Star Mark Wahlberg

Working with someone after publicly criticizing them or calling them out in any capacity has the potential to be incredibly awkward, and as actor Simu Liu has just learned, deleting the criticism in question won't always be a smooth solution to the problem, especially if people notice that you've deleted the tweets.

In 2018, Simu Liu, best known for his work on *Kim's Convenience*, tweeted a scathing call out of actor Mark Wahlberg.

Simu was criticizing Mark requesting a pardon after serving 45 days in prison for assaulting a Vietnamese man when Wahlberg was 16 years old.

However, fans noticed that the tweet was no longer available on Simu's page.

Fans were quick to put together that Simu had deleted the tweet after being cast in a film co-starring Mark Wahlberg.

Many were disappointed by Simu deleting the tweet, with one fan writing, "I think people have a right to feel disappointed and angry at this business decision considering he had such a strong sense of what was wrong at the time."

Simu has responded to the criticism with a tweet of his own.

Simu also shared on Instagram that, "Obviously it’d be pretty weird to go to work with that tweet still up. I meant what I said in the moment; I was very angry hearing about what happened. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think there’s room to grow and work together to find an opportunity to educate and do some good, which I’m excited to do in addition to shooting the movie.”

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