'Sex And The City' To Be Revived As Limited Series For HBO Max: Source

Okay, let's see if I can get through this article without making a cosmopolitan and crying tears of joy.

It is being rumoured by several Hollywood insiders that the cult classic HBO series Sex and The City will be revisited in a limited series of HBO's new streaming service.

Needless to say, CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY.

*Sex and The City* is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shows of all time. Carrie, Charolette, Miranda and Samantha are names that heal me. Nurture me. Protect me.

The show ran on HBO from the summer of 1998 to winter 2004.

Audiences fell in love with the characters, their lovah's and the undying friendship of these four SOULMATES.

As fans of the series may know, things weren't always so peachy on set between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.

Though their on-screen characters couldn't be closer, the pair's longtime time, off-screen feud has gotten in the way of a third Sex and the City film.

However, it seems not all hope is lost for *SATC* fans, who are rumoured to be getting a REVISITED version of the series for HBO's new streaming service, HBO Max.

According to Page Six , Sex and The City will return as "a limited series reboot" with all the original ladies onboard — except Kim Cattrall, "who has repeatedly said she is not interested in returning."

I mean, isn't it the most Samantha thing to *not* follow the rest of the ladies. OH KIM, I'LL MISS YOU!

I hope this rumour is true. Seeing the ladies back at the brunch table in their couture might fully redeem this trash fire year.

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